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Royal Turquesa Suites - Butler Service?

I’m headed down to the RTS in 4 days. I sent the resort a question by email, which they answered promptly - but in the response they also mentioned that “our new butler service will be able to help…”.

Does anyone have any idea about what this is, how it works, what they do, etc? It sounds like more than just beach and pool drink delivery.

Thanks much.

sorry dont know, but eager to find out! we will be there a couple of weeks later

Which email address did you use? the palladium palace or did you have a separate one for the Royal Suites? Just curious as we are going in January, thanks.

The Assistant GM (I believe) has been very responsive at this email address:

ha ha ha thats hilarious “A BUTLER” whaaaat for? does he follow you around , wipe the sand fom between your toes , maybe lay out your swimsuit for tomorrow , this is very funny I have been travelling for many many years and I can’t imagine what I would need one for , please enlighten me those who are in the know, ha ha ah. I can’t quit snickering at this idea.