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Royalton Riviera resort


Wow, what a great place. We are here now, May 2016 and it is fabulous in food, service, rooms, beach and abundance of pools. One of the best beaches as there is no coral. Reminds us of Punta Cana beach.


Beautiful photos! How is weather, beach and food? We usually had great service in Mexico how is in Royalton Riviera resort?


We are very impressed with Royalton. Our sixth visit to the Mayan, but first here. (We alternate; Punta Cana and Mayan with only one visit to Veradero.)

As beach people, we found the quality of the sand and water superb. From the soft, padded loungers, to the silky, smooth sand and the warm, soothing ocean, we had a great day. I know that water and wind conditions are seasonal and subjective, but in our many Riviera Maya visits, this beach is a top hit for us, and the absence of coral in the water makes for easy swimming.

We had a light and tasty lunch at the Caribbean restaurant, located just aft of the beach bar. Great Caesar salads and grilled chicken.

We later found our Oshawa friends, the famous Jackson party of 15, at the pool, where the kids were entertaining themselves on a great selection of kiddie slides, waterfalls and splash thingamajigs.

The Mexican sun is gorgeous, but of course stronger than a triple shot of Don Julio tequila, or so I found out, after getting the usual Canadian light Mexican first-day sunburn 'cause I was having too much fun to think about sunscreen and shade. No I did not triple shot tequila. I just heard about the stuff! Note to self: more sunscreen and

smarten up!

Dinner was at the Agave restaurant where we enjoyed good company, pork tamales, agave salads and fish tacos. Yum. Dinner on night two was the Zen Japanese and we both enjoyed the shrimp Pad Thai. All meals have been great. As usual, there is too much.

A shout out and big thank you to front desk staff, señor Gilberto, who graciously found us a beautiful King suite, after we were mistakenly placed in a two-Queen suite for the first night. Resort rooms are always subject to availability, so we are appreciative of his efforts to help us.

Speaking of the staff generally, we’ve encountered fantastic and friendly help everywhere.

Well, with fresh brewed coffee in hand, on my balcony, watching señor Sol come up over the blue Gulf de Mexico, I am contemplating another day is paradise. As my beautiful wife takes advantage of her holiday by sleeping in, I am up and excited to meet the new day. Not sure of the agenda, but I suspect it’s gonna be good!


That is great to hear you are having a fantastic time on vacation. Keep the pictures coming and keep us updated on your adventure.

I feel like we are all on vacation with you as we are getting updates while they happen. Where are we heading tonight? What’s for dinner? I will have to put this resort on my bucket list.

Freedom Ryder :sunglasses:


I have been as well a few times in Mayan Riviera and Cancun. I must say that I love Mayan and it’s hard to explain but Mayas knew that there is something about that area so that human being feels so good. Kinda relaxing feeling and fulfilled feeling. Do you feel it?

Thank you for great photos and amazing review ok will definitely put this hotel on our to do list as well!


Those tacos make me hungry right now :yum: