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Rules for Posting on the Forum

Please post your questions under the relevant Board on the forum. Unrelated threads are subject to removal.

Any posts that are considered commercial in nature will be removed.

Do not paste reviews or articles from other web sites. This could be a copyright infringement and such postings are subject to removal.

Please do not post derrogatory remarks about specific people, nationalities, etc. or the postings will be removed. Postings using bad language or comments of a “sexual” nature will be deleted. Postings must be in English.

Please do not criticize the postings made by others, everyone is entitled to their opinion without “personal attacks”, ie. name-calling, etc.

Please do not post under multiple names - one account per person please!

Postings considered inappropriate by moderators will be edited or deleted. Note that in the course of such deletions, some posts by others in that thread may be deleted that have made reference to the inappropriate post.

Please do not type your messages all in caps, it is considered “shouting”.

Questions or concerns about the management and moderation of this forum or status of members are not to be posted on the board - they will be deleted! Any questions can be directed to admin.

Please don’t change the subject of a thread. If you want to talk about something else, start a new thread.

For questions regarding travel immunizations and other travel health issues, you should ALWAYS contact your health professional.

Use the “Search” feature to look for answers to common questions that may have been asked before.

Please don’t double post, for example don’t post a question in QQQ and the same question in one of the other forums, say the east coast forum. QQQ is for general questions and the “area” forums are for questions related to that area of the country.

Enjoy the forum!

The Debbie Team

P.S. Please do not post your trip reports on the forums. Submit them at http://www.debbiescaribbeanresortreviews.com/contact_us/your_review.php

Anything posted on the forums that I would consider a review will be removed and placed on our main review site, and replaced with a link to the posted review.