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Rum Pricing

What about the price of Rum in DR? Is it reasonable?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

James you certainly do have lot of questions. Have you been here yet or planning a trip?? Or are you running up your post numbers.

Yes Rum is reasonable here


Probably you are getting tired from my question.From now i will not accept any answer from you.I thought it will help to the other people as i didn’t know it too but looks it disturbing you. SORRY for everything.I didn’t have any interest to raise my posting number.Sorry again to distrub you Bobk. And thanks for the all answer you made for me!!

James - I think the same as bobk - your questions are all over the map with NO indication by you of where you are looking at going… there are so many OLD threads that you just make a comment on without adding value to the thread NOR, asking a question other than “I would like to know also”.

Sometimes your questions are so vague, it is impossible to answer without more information from you.

How can we recommend an area or hotel when we have no idea what you are looking for when you ask for a recommendation - i.e. do you like a quiet hotel? a lively hotel? Also, those are very subjective as the guests at any given time can change the atmoshpere of a property so much. Do you like to leave the resort to explore on your own or content to only take hotel sponsored tours???

If you are planning on going, research old threads and decide on an area - then, put your question in that thread.

And, yes, rum is good price. I drink Brugal Extra Viejo and buy a 1.75L for 744 pesos (that includes taxes) = aprox $20 CDN at a warehouse I know of in Puerto Plata… You will not find that good of a price in other parts of the Dominican AND, it depends on which store you go into… I stumbled on this place by accident years ago and, IF you are going to the Puerto Plata area I will give you name and address BUT NOT to a general question!

bobk & dot …you’ll have to go back to james initial posting of April 1st 2014 in “First time in DR”. Here he states that he is new to posting here & trying to find out all the information that he can on the DR as he is planning a 3 week trip. But he doesn’t know where exactly in the DR he will land…he would like to gather all the info he can from other posters.

james …don’t be too hard on bobk. He is very knowledgeable of the DR & is just trying to be helpful too, especially if he knows WHERE it is that you want to go & where you want to stay.

Dot thank you for the post.
Yes Brugal Extra Viejo is my favorite as well. So good just to sip a glass with a bit of ice and a great Dominican Cigar.


Can anyone recommend the best spot for rum purchasing in Punta Cana? We are going to the Bahia Principe Esmeralda next week for our wedding and want to bring some home. I searched the threads and found a Rum FAQ thread but it was last updated in 2010 and I was last in the DR in 09. I’ve normally gone to the “flea market” outside of whatever resort I’ve stayed at for my purchases, but wanted to check if there are other better options? Thanks in advance!