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Trying to decide which rum to have a little sip of tonight and wondering which rums I’ll be able to get in Cuba in Feb. to add to my collection.

Nice 1000th post. You should take a sip of each to celebrate.

Doing just that - sort of. I’m starting at the upper left.

15 year old Havana club with one ice cube works for me ;D

Having some Havana club (in Ottawa) as I type this before we leave for Cuba in the morning. ;D

Congrats on the 1000th post :slight_smile:

Anything beyond Anejos 3 Anos works for me. Especial, Reserva, 7 Anos, Carta Blanca Superior - I’m not too choosy !!

Thanks ald1. The 15 yr old HC is one of my favorites.
Hope you have a great holiday, where in Cuba are you going?

Congrats on your 1000’th cubavisitor.
Where is your Varadero Rum? Perfect with a cigar, eh?

too funny. i take it you like your rum. congrats on achieving 1000 posts.

Congrats. That’s the spirit!

[quote=@cubavisitor]Thanks ald1. The 15 yr old HC is one of my favorites.
Hope you have a great holiday, where in Cuba are you going?

Holguin, Playa Pesquero Hotel :smiley: :smiley:

Congrats on the posts and your impressive collection.
I don’t see any Elixir which is one of my fave after dinner sips and hubby enjoys a glass with his cigar. Sitting on the patio, on a balmy summer evening, sipping on a glass of Elixir, almost takes you back to Cuba :slight_smile:

I haven’t heard of Elixir. Is a type of rum or maybe a rum based liquor?
Right now its freezing cold, windy with blowing snow so we’re definitely thinking about Cuba but won’t be going for a few months yet.

Cubavisitor, it’s a rum based liquor: Legendario Elixir - dark, rich, smooth - a taste of Cuba in every sip :slight_smile: It can be relatively difficult to find, though. I’ve only come across it once at the airport in Varadero. I tend to stumble upon it in cigar factory shops. It’s around 6.60 CUCs, if memory serves me well.

Sounds good! Hope I can find it in the Holguin area.

Great for the morning, lunch and suppertime sippers!!! hahahaha.

Legendario is amazing. I found a bottle once a few years ago in Santiago near Plaza del Martes, and also at the cigar shop in Santa Clara. Never found it in Holguin.

Steffiej, we were at Breezes in October and were looking for Legendario also (received it as a gift from friends the year before and looooved it). Speaking with staff we found out that you can purchase it in two locations in Santa Cruz. If you’re on the Via Blanca and heading towards Havana - get off in Santa Cruz past Los Amigos at the clover leaf by the baseball field (google map this and you’ll see what I’m talking about). The Mini Tienda is on the road that you’re heading north on, on the left hand side.
The easier location is the gas station on the right as you enter the town. We stopped and picked up a bottle for the boys at Los Amigos when we were going in for dinner one evening. Price was as you said - about 6 CUC.
PM me if you want to know a staff who would be more than happy to pick up one or more bottles for you - lives close to the Mini Tienda and has a motorcyle.

Thanks, triple_b, for that info. I’ll certainly take advantage of the tip. We go and visit friends, in Santa Cruz, every visit but I did not think that I’d be able to buy it there. Knowing of the two locations you mentioned, I don’t think we’ll have problems tracking some down. Thanks, again…much appreciated :slight_smile:

CubaV. We just returned from the Holguin area on Dec. 1 and no luck finding any there.

good news for us though… my wife’s co-worker just got back from Varedero and brought us a bottle. :smiley: :slight_smile:

So, ald1, you decided to come back after all, eh? ;D

How was your trip?