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"Run of the house"


Just booked recently the "Grand Palladium Roulette"and it says Run of the House…What exactly does that mean. Do we still get to take advantage of all the facilities or are we limited… Travel agent just said that we don"t get to pick our room selection and that we will be contacted 2 or 3 days before to tell us which resort get are booked at…


Just as your travel agent said…You will have access to all the facilities of the Palladium complex, but you will not know your resort nor your room category until prior to your departure.
We just returned from a 2 week stay at the GPBavaro through Transat Vacation & had a wonderful trip. Enjoy!


Thanks mra. I read your review on tripadvisor and know we will really enjoy ourselves. I was just a little worried that we would be restricted on the restuarants, and other facilities. This is the 1st time trying the roulette. We usually book months a head and end up paying much higher prices!!! Thanks again for your respond and writing such an informative review.


You just can’t use the Royal Suites part of the complex. The place is amazing. Enjoy.


stillacaper…glad my review was of some help. And yes, leggs is correct. You will not be able to use facilities of Royal Suites…but you can go there & walk around to check it out!