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?'s about booking with orbitz/expedia/travelocity

I am Canadian and am looking at booking to fly from Detroit or Flint Michigan to Cancun and stay at a hotel on the mayan coast. I can get good prices for the flight and hotel together but what about the transfer to the hotel from the airport? Is this provided when you book like this or how do i go about arranging it? If i have to arrange myself what should I expect to pay for it?

Thanks in advance

Gosh it seems odd that no one can answer my question?? Surely someone has used one of these operators and knows about the transfers.

I’m not sure love but I think unless your going with a tour op from Can, US, you’ll have to arrange transport on your own. There are a few companies that handle that sort of thing in the Maya. Can’t think of the names off hand. Hope this helps.


I recently booked on orbitz for travel on March 5th to Excellence Playa Mujeres. I opted not to buy transportation from orbitz for travel from airport to hotel. I used this website to buy it on my own. It was much cheaper and looks very reliable.

Just a suggestion.


I just today booked the Secrets Capri from Oct 10 for 8 nights for 2233.00 complete w/air out of JFK, NY for the 2 of us through Orbitz. This is a superb deal. They offered me r/t transfer to and from the resort for about 100.00. No way as I will hire a private taxi @ the airport for alot less and get private service. Watch out when using travel agent etc transfers as you may end up on a large bus that will be making many stops with many travelers.

thanks peeps… i knew ppl must be using some service for transportation and really had no idea where to look, I appreciate the feedback.


This is the service we are using.
All the reviews I could find speak highly of them so it looks good.
They also had the best price above all others and appear to be reputable.

I’ve used AGI - they’re reliable, fairly priced, and friendly :slight_smile: www.agitours.com

Next trip I’m using Jeromi - they come highly recommended by other travelers and have been pleasant to deal with so far. Great prices. http://www.jeromitransfers.com/mayan_riviera.htm