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S.O.B! Should have did last minute!

Ever feel like Charlie Brown with that rain cloud following you around, or Lucy is pulling the football away at the last second?

Well like a fool I checked the prices again (we’re leaving in 2 days), of course they have dropped $600 for the same flight and resort (2 adults, 1 child+infant). $1000 less if I choose a different resort same flight time. Rats! :’(

That’s the nature of that game. However, if I’d waited until last minute, I wouldn’t be going. My trip went up $200 and then disappeared from the listings about a month ago.

Come on, I’m looking for sympathy! ;D

BFC, what time is your flight? Are you at the airport now?

Usually we don’t check the prices after booking, because won’t change anything. Or maybe you get a headache seeing the latest prices…
Now because this thread, I did, and is the same like in the time of booking.
But the prices are moving today up and down faster then the stock market…
Instead checking the prices we are thinking what we are going to drink when we will arrive in our holiday? Presidente? Probable. One? Nah… Two? Well for a start is OK…

Like Bob said it’s the nature of the “game”. You could look at the bright side… you could of been waiting for a last minute deal and it went up $600 ???

I’m bad, I say I won’t look after we’ve booked but I do, ours has gone up $1536.00 since we booked in October. I would of been kicking me butt if I would of waited, plus the resort I want never goes on the Last Minute list. That’s big dollars to be playing with :sunglasses:

Enjoy your vacation :sunglasses:

[quote=@presidentejay]Come on, I’m looking for sympathy! ;D

BFC, what time is your flight? Are you at the airport now?[/quote]
OK, I feel your pain. We did have our flight time home moved 6 hours earlier, so I’m losing a half day there …
Late flight, just packing the carry ons now.

Mine was up $510 and disappear from the listings today, so it is sold out.

WE just booked last sunday prices on the resort have been very high but drop down on sunday only and now are back up even gone , we manage to get 100.00 cheaper than last years prices to the same resort, you have to chech every it a constant game you have to play if you want to win , we are very happy with our price but I like so many othe will check to see if gets cheaper closer to our departure .

Yep. I’m a bear for punishment too. It’s too late to do anything about it after you’ve booked, but it is valuable information for next year.

I usually book last minute, within a week or so, but this time I booked 3 weeks ahead.
My friend and I had a particular week in mind and the price was good so I booked it.
I could have potentially saved $180 if I waited but I didn’t want to take the chance.
The price for the preceding week went up so I would have booked upon seeing that anyways so there is no way I would have gotten the cheapest price.
It’s all water under the bridge and I would rather look ahead to Sunday. :sunglasses: :slight_smile:

This is the first time ever that we booked so close to leaving - just booked approx. 2 weeks ago.

We lucked in - the price is $900.00 cheaper than what we paid for the same resort, same flight in March. Now, it is gone, so I assume it is sold out. I didn’t look to see if it dropped again between the time we booked and it sold out - likely it did, but I didn’t want to know!

I really thought I was the only one ;D

It gets worse, we are driving to Montreal because it was cheaper(we live in Ottawa) now Ottawa departures are $1000 + less. Could have vacation and 42" LCD.

Yes I know… name of the game. I lost this time. :’(

That sucks PresidenteJay, book and never look back.

I find when going off peak season you can always find decent resort for a decent price in the last minutes.

It is different a different story with the last minutes in the middle of the winter the selection of resorts are limited.

I almost booked last nite??? 1298$ for 2 people from Ottawa to puj staying @ VIK Hotel Arena Blanca :’(.

Hope you have a great vacation with your family and the meetngreat with BFC and the Mike dudes 8-).

I always say i’m going to wait and book last minute however it never happens that way. I start checking prices for our spring trip early and when the price is right, I book. I still check the prices after I book and if it gets cheaper, oh well and I don’t tell Hubby…hahah!

It sure is the luck of the draw. Unfortunately presidentejay, you lost out this year :’(. I’m sure it will not stop you from having a great vacation tho’ ;D.

We were fortunate, booked in August for less than last year (not much, but less). At the beginning of the week it was almost the same price as we paid for this year for a regular deluxe suite and basic flight (we have Ocean view $ and Club Class $$$). Checked this morning, not available for our dates.

Have a wonderful time everyone.

:wink: maybe time to kick in that overpriced cancelation insurance.