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Safe to drink the water?

Hi there,

Heading to Varadero at the end of the week (4 more sleeps!), our first trip to Cuba, and I was wondering about the water. My boyfriend and I have both had all our shots (Hep A&B, DPT, MMR, etc.), but he’s still pretty concerned about having ice in anything. He was in India for a bit last year, and got this info package about don’t drink the water, don’t eat any fruit that you don’t peel yourself, don’t take ice in your drinks, etc. I have told him that Cuba is not India ( ::slight_smile: ), but the concern is still there. I’m a big water drinker myself, and now he’s got me a bit worried! ???

I haven’t read anything anywhere about trouble with the water in Cuba, but thought I’d check with the forum here and see if anyone had any advice.

Thanks guys!
Lolajay :sunglasses:

Any ice will be from purified water, but drink water from the bottled water to be safe. Yes the water is safe to drink but your system may not like some of the natural aditives. And your right Cuba is definatley not India.

The water at the resorts in Varadero is perfectly safe to drink. as is the ice. Bottled water is also available, mostly free of charge.

The tap water in Cuba is fine, both on and off resort. I say that because I’m sure I would have been sick many times over if it wasn’t…I’m one of those people who has a cast-iron stomach for most things but when it comes to food-borne illness, I am the canary in the coal mine. I lost 2 pounds in Mexico, and not because I was trying to :frowning:

Thanks everyone! I knew I was right! ;D Will inform the boyfriend post haste.


I recommend caution off-resort - but no need to be paranoid.

Off the resort, drink bottled water. If you are visiting friends, they will boil the water for you, and that’s OK too. Don’t drink water straight from the tap. Better safe than sorry.

I’m still alive even after drinking the water off the resort and I have a very sensitive stomach so no worries for sure about the Resort water! Drink away : )