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Safety off the resort?


Hi there.
Okay, here’s the thing,this is our first all inclusive vacation with a number of other families. Kids are like 12-18. I am told by some that it is safest to remain on the resort…is this true for the Punta Cana area? I cannot imagine never leaving the resort in an entire week,how do the majority of you that have travelled to Punta Cana feel about this. Having said that, I do realize that you have to be aware of your surroundings, and be smart,I get that. We usually travel to St.Martens,and have never felt safety an issue,we rent a car, and drive all over the place. I do NOT plan on renting a car,probably cabbing it or walking, etc. Just not sure what to expect.
I did stay in Cabarete on North coast in 2006 and we did grocery shopping for our condo, ate in several restaurants, etc. never hardly stayed at the resort. I felt fairly safe there. Just interested in hearing any opinions. Thanks again. P.S. we are staying at Occidental Grand Punta Cana


We have always felt safe in Punta Cana, just use the same cautions as you do at home and you will be fine…


I agree. But, that said, there aren’t many places to go on your own. The beaches are stunning, but unfortunately the main road is a fair ways inland and you can’t see the coast from it. Little side roads lead off from it to the hotels and you won’t see much when you reach their front gate. And it’s highly unlikely you’ll get past that point.
As I said, the beaches are stunning and you can generally walk for miles. You’ll likely run out of energy before you run out of beach. As far as touring goes, IMHO, your best bet is to pick from the organized excursions at your hotel or contact someone like PuntaCanaMike or mikefisher. Both post on this site and run first class operations. You can get contact information from their profiles.


We rent a condo and are always out at local restaurants, shopping and even church. Punta Cana is safe although you always need to be aware of your surroundings and don’t travel outside the safe zones. Last year we went swimming in Fresh water caves and ate in a little town where only locals attend. Can’t remember the name of the town and had the pleasure of hearing a concert by one of the upcoming Bachata singer. A real nice experience. We did have a local guide. These tours are not offered by the resorts.


We have been there every year for 6 years now and have always found it safe. We walk along the beach for miles and it is beautiful. You do walk past areas where there are no resorts, and therefore public beaches, usually having local merchants who want to try to sell you things. This past year we took a local bus to Higuey which was fine, however we had a friend from HIguey with us. I wouldn’t do it alone .
I wouldn’t leave the resort at night.