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Sailing by Yourself at DR Resorts

Hi there: My husband loves to sail and is hoping that whatever resort we chose (end of Dec.) they will allow him to take out the sailboat/catamarans by himself. When we stayed at Casa Del Mar , La Romana a few years ago, the guests were allowed to go out by themselves if they indicated that they could sail well (and if the weather was ok).

Does anyone know by experience if any of the Punta Cana resorts allow this?


hi Lily,
the same over here in PC.
if you show a license you can go alone right away.
some just ask you if you can sail alone.
some require the license, in case you don’t have one but indicate you can go yourself they check you for a 15 minutes or such while a employee of the watersports center goes with you to see that you really can handle the boat.
for beginners the watersports centers offer lesson.
the lessons are charged extra, while the rest is part of your all inclusive package.
at most resorts in PC for 1 hr per day per room,
reservation recommended so the cats will not be booked at the hour you want to go.
have fun

Many of our guests go out unattended. It becomes clearly obvious if you are incapible, simple getting off the beach…as you have to tack your way out…do it wrong…and you end up on the beach…just a feww feet down from where you started! The nice thing here Los Corales to Barcelo Complex…is the relatively flat water and the constant 10 knots of breeze and generally deep water…perfect!



We stayed at the EdenH Real last March, and we went sailing by ourselves every day. A staff member does at least suggest going out with you the first time, to make sure you can handle the cat, but my husband is an old-time sailor who knew his stuff, so we were allowed to go out on our own every day.

PC Mike – don’t know if you are at the EdenH still, but if that’s the area you are talking about, it is great for sailing. We found there was almost no wind early in the day, but afternoons were perfect, and we could just sail back and forth parallel to the beach. That also tended to be when the cats were most easily available, so we lucked out doubly!

I’m really appreciating all these replies! A few more specific questions please…I am looking at possibly the Barcelo Dominican Beach or the VIK Arena Blanca. Does anyone have first hand knowledge of this question re these resorts? I read somewhere re the VIK Arena that they only allow 1/2 hr of catamaran sailing with a captain PER STAY? That would absolutely not work for us. Is this true?

Any other recommended resorts good for the sailing?

Khab…still here…in fact right now I am on my balcony overlooking the ocean and see a good number of cats on the water…wind has shifted south, thus those who headed towards cortecito are having a long tacking journey back! it is very obvious from my high vantage point…those who know how to sail…and those who think they know how to sail!LOL

Cheers from an increasingly overcast afternoon in Bavaro


last year we sailed every day alone . we have found that most resorts do allow this , we like to watch from the beach too , not everyone knows how, and some need the rescue even from shore lots of laughs. while in cuba the 2 sails on cats we were not allow to take out ,but yes on the 1 sail cat.It was a lot of fun too as the captain we had was a blast , he took the cats right on the side and got us soaked , he had her going very fast in the wind I loved it can’t wait to go back there again.