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San Juan and money


I am from Ireland and am going to Bahía Príncipe San Juan for my
honeymoon on April 16th 2005. I would like to know if there are any
ATM’s on the resort that will accept Cirrus/Maestro/VISA cards. This
would remove the need for us to bring lots of local currency with us
on our trip.

What would you advise with regard to the bringing of money for a 2
week holiday. I am aware of the need to bring some US dollars, but
any other information would be very much appreciated.

Best Regards
Darren Pearson


Personally, I would forget about the ATM.
You are staying at an AI and thus all of your basic expenses are covered. The only cash you will need will be for "extras".
I am assuming that you have your tourist card ($10) and your departure tax ($20) covered.
I would bring lots of $1 US bills for tipping.
$US cash is also perfect for any souvenirs you buy.
Excursions typically run about $60-$70/person.
You can use cash for these or use your Visa.
Credit cards should be OK at the hotel and for buying excursions. I would be wary of using them anywhere else


yes we are going for AI and have the tourist card and departure tax covered.

So basically take lots of $1 US bills and thats it. Was just concerned about the ATM as we dont want to be stranded with no money if we run out - but as you say we only need money for extras.


yes there is an atm on the strip or at least last i was there and also a bank of sorts in the resort . ;D