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San Salvador


Well us 4 girls are going to the Decameron Salinitas on Jan 25 to Feb 8. I’ll be having my birthday there. We are having a party and you are welcome to join us if you are there. My agent had clients that just returned from there and they said it was just beautiful and they wished they had gone for 2 weeks.


That is fantastic Hothen. It does sound like a great place to go.



That’s time we are looking to go
We like to be away for the our twins bday


Hey koz ,


Hey Koz,
woops my hand slipped and i sent an incomplete message. Anyway, how old will your twins be? What day is their birthday. Mine is Feb 3.


They will be 27, on Jan 26
Beddie was at the birthday party in Nicaragua.
The twins did not make it to that one either LOL


Correction my friend ‘Koz’, the name is Bebbie. LOL

Yes we all partied hearty too, didn’t we?


ahhhh bbb dddd theyre all the same LOL


Hey Koz How’s it going. Are you guys going to be at the salintas when we are?


We will decide sometime in January, have to check out what work is like
I thought we would have more reviews by now
Still waiting to see if it drops in price


Hey hothen
We (my wife and 9 year old daughter) are heading to Decameron on the 25th. Do you know of any tours out of that resort? we usually do acouple of tours and party/chill for the rest of the time.