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Sand Ceremony


Hi Everyone,

As I just saw some amazing photos of a sand ceremony - how does that work - do they do that at every ceremony in the DR? Do I need to bring my own colored sand? Where can I find these?

Vases, etc?



my friend had a sand cermony at her wedding in canada. she went to a wedding store and got the vases there and the coloured sand but after she saw cheaper vases at walmart and a craft store



I would really like to do this ceremony too. Is there anyone out there who has done it and can post what to do? Much Thanks ;D


I am also looking to do this ,… any tips let me know


you get three vases. One vase has the grooms colour and the other vase has the brides colour. the other one stays empty. then the groom puts a layer of colour in the empty one then the bride puts some in. alternate till it gives a layered look. My friend did this instead of the unity candle at her church wedding. If you don’t want to use coloured sand. maybe get sand from your “home” country and layer it with Dominican sand.



This was my sand ceramony.
My husband and I went down to the beach at Sunrise on the morning of our wedding day. We both gathered sand in special containers I had brought with us. We then gave our sand to the wedding coordinator who had it waiting for us at the wedding gazebo for our ceramony.

OK , now this is how we did it.
3 blessings where read and everytime a blessing was read we poured some sand together into a glass vase.

This was our blessing ,each one was read by a special person who was there with us.

“To symbolize the uniqueness of the two people within the marriage and the joining of their two lives into one entity, three layers of sand will now be poured into a vase.”

#1) the first layer of sand symbolizes that the marriage is grounded.”
“Love is the eternal force of life.
Love is the force that allows us to face fear and uncertainty with courage.

#2 the second layer symbolizes that the marriage is based on the strength of the individuals.”
But although you will be sharing one life, never forget you are two separate people.
Cherish and affirm your differences.

#3) and this final layer symbolizes that your two lives are now joined together as one.
Together you will laugh and cry, share and grow.
Love and respect each other always.

It was so nice and made our creamony more personal and special



I love that terry!! Could you tell where the three layers were though since your sand would ultimately be all the same color?

That’s what i’m worried about - if I bring colored sand, how am I going to bring it back without it all spilling out and mixing differently (ie. no layers).