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Sand fleas at Breezes

heading out tomorrow for Breezes. Just had a last minute thought and was wondering if anyone has any experience with this resort and sand Fleas. Appreciate any comments

I just had a thought, what would happen if I wore fluffy’s flea collar around my ankle ;D

Hey— now there is a thought ;)thanks

We never had any problem.

What about trying some Advantage on the nap of you neck?

It never hurts to take pack a bug spray with DEET …

You guys are great just getting excited. Cant wait to leave tomorrow. just making conversation, got the deet all packed. one other thing the last time I was in POP the resort did not have cream for coffee i belive it was rice milk not good when you used to Tims. does anyone know if that has changed.

ohhh that wonderful DR coffee, so smooth and fresh. Did you bring a floaty thing for the beach and pool? We had a hoot last year floating up to the orange market in the warm ocean water.
don’t forget a pen for each person to fill out the customs forms in the lineup.

Good reminder about the pens! Thanks!

::slight_smile: Wud- What is Advantage?


it was a joke in reference to the flea collar around the ankle.

:slight_smile: I was too embarassed to ask also, who will be the first to try it?

Mommacat, Kimarthur and I can all start a new trend when we are all down there in a couple of weeks!
Cant you just see us after a few drinks puttingFluffy`s flea collars on our ankles to go beach walking… LOL The latest ankletts from Petsmart!

I would stick with Wud’s suggestion, the Advantage is ingested, therefore, not so silly looking as Fluffy’s flea collar.

I get eaten everywhere, it doesn’t matter what country I am in the biters find me. I think that I am a biter magnet even though I spray myself from head to toe every morning before getting dressed and every night after I shower. I use repellent with DEET protection but nothing seems to deter the little buggers. I take Afterbite and a calamine lotion with me everywhere I go, even at home.

I don’t remember the bugs bothering me the last time I was there 4 yrs ago…but the year before they were awful (although I think they may have been bed bugs) YIKES

Hey I’m in for anything as far as new trends HA HA

Never heard anyone complain about bed bugs there, my youngest daughter did get a few bites, but I don’t recall having the problem myself.

Sorry Mommacat…I forgot to mention the year before I was at a different resort entirely…in Playa Dorada…
I had no problems with ANY bites while at Breezes…

Happy you clarified that Kim! See you soon.

:)seriously tho, last year we all took B1 tablets 2 weeks before leaving and while we were there, no bites! Google B vitamin for sand fleas. Personally I find flea collars on women attractive and encourage it.

lol… we will take a picture for you harry…