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Sand fleas at Breezes

B1? maybe not?
I followed the Google thread and at the end I found this:
"Preventing insect bites and stings
When out and about
Bites and stings most commonly occur when outside, particularly in the countryside. Ways to avoid bites and stings include:
Wear long sleeved clothing and long trousers in places where insects are common.
Avoid brightly coloured clothes, cosmetics, perfumes or hair sprays, which attract insects.
Rub an insect repellent onto exposed areas of skin.
Be alert when you cook or eat outdoors as food attracts insects, especially wasps.
Some people wear a complete head covering with a plastic viewer when out where midges are common. For example, when camping next to lakes and rivers. Many camping shops sell them.
There is no evidence that eating garlic, vitamin B1 or other foods will repel insects."

To tell the truth, I was hoping the B1 thing was true.
Too bad.