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Sand Fleas Varadero

My brother and his wife and a few others are off to Varadero on Tuesday. When we were in Holguin 1st week of December, there were quite a few sand fleas. My question is has anyone been recently to Varadero and are sand fleas an issue there?
Thanks in advance for any answers.

Sand fleas don’t have a season. They are where ever the sand and sea meet at dusk all year round. When I travelled with two friends, they feasted on me and left my friends alone. Tell your friends to be sure to spray or apply insect repellent up to their knees at least if they are on the beach at that time. My bites came three days before I was supposed to go home (I did not have repellent on) and those last three days were very uncomfortable. I itched like crazy and nothing helped. Of all the people I spoke with at the resort, there was only one other in the same predicament as me, so either

  1. all those other were smart and either avoided the beach at sunset or wore repellent
  2. like mosquitoes, some of us simply are more attractive to them (lucky us!)

bring some anti hisamines… to stop the swelling… and some itch cream… I drink lots of cuba libre’s … the lemon helps to keep them away… other than that … there is not much… bring WATKINS BUG REPLEENT… or some thing that has lots of deet… that is about all you can do…

I’ve been to Varadero twice and didn’t have a problem with sand fleas - neither did my SIL who seems to be a magnet for them. We went in September and April - not sure if there’s more of a season for them in Varadero. Try to stay away from vegetation when on the beach and don’t wear too much perfume. Enjoy your holiday - wish I was going tomorrow!

We were in Varadero in April and had no problem with sand fleas either. Must admit we all stayed away from the beach in the evening though …just in case. LOL

Was just there in December 08 and YES it was a problem along with mosquitos. Bring antihistimine and cream and bug repellent.

Everyone should be putting on suntan or sunblock. Why start worrying about the insects. Enjoy the beach and have fun fun fun. ;D ;D ;D