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Sand Fleas


I repeat, GARLIC!


And I don’t do the garlic thing…I don’t want to repel people and mossies…lmao… ;D


We’ve never had a problem with bugs, sand fleas, mossies, or anything else at BJ in Feb. At home ?? The mossies love me ! I could be surrounded by citronella and I think the little buggers hold their breath and fly through it just to get to me.
In Cuba so far-so good for us but you never know. We always take stuff with us to deal with the problem if it should arise but will add more this year based on all of your “remedy contributions”. In “slow season” when it’s hot and humid I can understand the problem would be compounded. I imagine, just like anywhere else, the location and surrounding landscape would have a bearing on the severity of this problem.


I tend not to be bothered my sand fleas or mozzies, including at home, but they love hubby and he really reacts to the bites. Since the first year, I now pack antihistamine in case he gets bitten. Deep Woods Off works for any mozzies (not that you come across many in Feb. where we go) and for sand fleas, plus don’t lie on the sand or dig your feet in. We tend to stay above the sand on loungers. As for bed bugs… :o, never come across one in my life and I’m happy to keep it that way!


I think we may have something there, monctonguy… I’m from the Hub as well. Well here you go, mystery solved! ;D


Et un gros messe de poutine râpée avec buerre de garilc, :wink: ;)LOL


;D ;D

ROFL-G (rolling on the floor laughing with garlic)
Nothing like a mess o’ poutines to ward off muskies (not) :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s a gros messe, eh?
With apologies to Les Mechants Maquereaux version of 12 days of Christmas we all love.
No sense in talking about Pets De Soeur, I guess?


I never had an issue with bites of any kind in any country until we went to Cuba. 2 years in a row, from the knees down I looked like I ran through thorn bushes. On our 2nd trip I ended up seeing the resort Dr. and was told I am allergic to Cuban mosquitoes. Got a shot of benadryl, some antibiotics and hydrocortisone cream and was good to go. Last year, started Reactine and Vitamin B1 at the urging of my family Dr., 10 days before going and continued until we came back. Reactine is a one a day pill that does not cause drowsiness, unlike benadryl which is every 6 hours and may cause drowsiness and you are not supposed to operate heavy machinery or drink while taking them. The heaviest think I operate on vacation is a beer mug. Never had one bite last year. Not sure if it was because we got bumped to a different resort (SRLM) or the meds. Will find out this year when we return for our 3rd trip to the Blau Costa Verde. On the other hand, my wife never uses bug spray or anything and has never had a bite anywhere we go.


I have more than 20 large bites on my legs after a week at Colonial Cayo Coco. Not totally sure if some might be mosquitoes as they were in our room plus in many other rooms. A few years back in Santa Lucia the sand fleas bites were so bad that they were blistering but these as just very large bumps that drive you crazy itching. I thought I had applied enough deet and I avoided early beach (I don’t get up early anyway) and was never on the beach later - so - I’m kinda stumped.

I have been applying Polysporin Itch lotion and it does help. I guess I have some of the better tasting legs.


Hey dax, Ouch, do they look like the bites here:
There have been reports that some CC resorts are raking the seaweed and piling it just behind the palapas this season where the little buggies are close enough to feast on you. Previously, they buried it and there were few reports of problems.


That is EXACTLY what they did at Colonial. They raked the beach at the crack of dawn each morning. I know that because I saw them doing it as I was getting back to my room. :o :o ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile: :-X

I have bites on my arms and legs and I suspect that the legs are sand fleas and the arms are mosquitoes. There is a difference in look but also in how intense the itch is.

There were gaps between the window frames and the wall large enough to put my fingers through. We had to turn the air off for half of our stay as it was just too chilly in the room at night and when the air is off, the little bu**ers can get through cracks one tenth that size if they smell blood on the other side. We could see the curtains blowing in with the air coming through the cracks, then found the problem. By then, it was too late.

Oh well, live & learn.


There were gaps between the window frames and the wall large enough to put my fingers through.

Them’s small cracks bye. Growing up in Cape Breton we had cracks big enough to throw a dog through.

Bites of any kind for those who have a reaction are not a pleasant thing in the least to deal with. I will try the same regime of meds as last year and hope I have another bite free year.


Good day from frozen fargin’ Qweebek (-35)

Do you guys use Watkins Creme at all? Works wonders for us and is also effective in Deep Woods activities (like lion stalking and rum tree hunting) ;D


Watkins use 28.5% DEET so they should be just as good as Deep Woods Sportsman @ 30% and regular Deep Woods Off that’s 25%, when applied regularly. Perfect for lion stalking and rum tree hunting LOL
Main thing about sand fleas is they will get your feet and ankles where the repellent gets rubbed away quicker.
We take a strip of fibreglass screen and some duct tape for patio doors and windows just like dax mentioned.


Hola from the Frozen fargin’ tundra minus 40 yesterday
Had to jumpstart the sled dogs to get to the village to get more sunscreen and deep woods off.

The tip about using duct tape around the screens is a good one.
If we have gaps , I will use some from our marital aids bag.

16 more to go
I’ll clear cut the west side of the island of rum trees , Spunky you get the eastside


Only -27Celsius here today. Brr. A good thing to wear for sand fleas believe it or not is a flea collar around your ankle. Use a colored one if you want to make a fashion statement, lol.
Too cold for work again tomorrow so I think i will get a jumpstart on vacation and head out to start getting things together for our must take list.


[quote=@zendudette]Do you guys use Watkins Creme at all? Works wonders for us and is also effective in Deep Woods activities (like lion stalking and rum tree hunting) ;D[/quote]Watkins Creme? That’s not the same as Watkins Ale, is it? :slight_smile: Deep Woods activities, hmmm…