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Sandals Regency Golf Resort and Spa at La Toc


January 31st from Toronto, anyone else going.



leaving from Toronto on Feb 14th… have read some very very mixed reviews about this. I am very interested in hearing your experience. Obviously one must remember this is not Home… and to take things as they come. But of course spending thousands like some people have you do expect more for your hard earned $$$… Please report back to this forum when you get back. We are going only for 1 week.


I would be interested in reading your review as well. We are going March 5 to 12. We booked over Christmas time when the price dropped really low for a deluxe room. I have read lots of mixed reviews too, but we are going to go with an open mind. We have been to many AI’s and we have always had a great vacation (even when things go wrong, like illness). Its what we each make it isn’t it?
Please post your review.
Are you going to go to the Gros Islet “Jump UP” on the Friday night? It sounds like a lot of fun.
Enjoy yourselves…remember you aren’t working. You are relaxing, getting heat and sunshine for one glorious week.


Hello Island Girl.

Re: your question about the Jump Up. I’ve read it can be pretty rowdy. You will be with the locals. Not that the St. Lucians are not friendly (actually my grandson is part- St. Lucian) and the people from that part of his family are very warm and caring people. However, never let your guard down and always remember, no flashy jewellery, cameras, etc Don’t be a pawn.

We also booked on that Air Canada deal! I guess you seen it online on New Years Day as well. Unfortunately I don’t golf nor scuba dive (can’t swim actually!) but it must be a great place. Have you checked the video link at the Sandals Website…

you will so want to leave now if u haven’t checked it out.

I will write and let you know once I’ve posted it on Debbies site. I am returning around Feb 22nd. The weather has been very warm there, averaging 29 Celsius which suits me fine!

By the way… does anyone know what the Departure tax is for St. Lucia… I can’t seem to get a straight answer and there is no mention of it on my tickets!

Oh… thanks Debbie for creating this wonderful website!


Thanks for the info on "Jump Up." I had read up on it and they did say not to bring lots of cash, flashy jewellery and such.
When we were in Puerto Vallarta we went to a music festival on the Malecon with the locals and it was absolutely so much fun. That is what going to another country is all about.

I have checked out the Sandals website and just about every website and book on Sandals resorts!! My husband says I am obsessed with it.

From our travel agent I understood that the departure tax was already included in our price going to the Sandals resort through Air Canada. You might want to call your travel agent.

We booked on Boxing Day when I noticed that the price had come down really low. It is great to get such a good deal.

We are really looking forward to getting out of the cold…even for 1 week.

Enjoy your week away and I look forward to your review when you return.


My review has been sent to Debbie, your email addresses are hidden, so if you email me I will send you the draft copy., with all the details.
It should be posted soon depending how busy Debbie is.

By the way I am the Moderator on Debbies DR Travel forums and will tell you flat out the reviews I read on other sites are absolute garbage, we never saw any of the stuff these people eluded to. I really do not think that some of them were even there, their descriptions etc. do not come close to the resort we visited.


Thank you for posting your review. I look forward to reading it. We are looking so forward to seeing St. Lucia, staying at the Regency and getting away from the snow and cold. I looked at your pictures and thank you for sharing them. They are beautiful and inspiring. Really can’t wait to go now. Only 23 more sleeps.
Can I ask a question about coffee - I would imagine that it would be tasty being a region with mountains, that they would have flavourful coffee. Did you drink the coffee and what did you think of it? We usually buy some from everywhere we go and look forward to our morning java (and late night java too so we can stay up past 9:00 pm!!)
Thanks again.


Coffee every morning early in our room. Then we had coffee at the resaurants for breakfast, we take ours black and it was excellent, very rich and full flavoured.


islandgirl, may I ask how much you paid for your package to this resort?

Have a nice trip.




Well that was the shortest post in history I am sure…
We paid 1350.00 Canadian plus taxes out of Toronto - so it was 3070.00 for two. We just couldn’t pass up that deal.


I too had the same Deal as island girl. Air Canada Vacations and The Travel Hotline website in Toronto had this deal available over the New Years day weekend.

For those of us who were still bright eyed and bushy-tailed :smiley: , we certainly capitalized. The going rate now is $2,300 for the same category room. For what we paid, the price of a 2 week vacation each to a 3-4 star in Cuba it was worth it.

We received high end drinks, Grand Marnier, Baileys, champagne, Port, Jack Daniels, you name it they give it out! It was incredible. And the food… say bye bye to bland tasteless food… here your mouth will get such a work out! All restaurants were a’ la carte except for lunch and breakfast buffets (at the Pavillon, lunch at The Arizona Grill). But there were lunch a’ la cartes as well.

Definitely keep an eye on these travel websites daily if you are able to go away at a whims notice. It may not be for all but someone will capitalize. We had a pretty full plane going down!

Island Girl leaves us this Saturday, sure wish I can sneak into her suitcase!. Lucky for you it’s snowing now girl! So hopefully it will be easy for you to get to Pearson!

My final saying… way to go Sandals… you sure know how to treat your guests well. I am still overjoyed! Sure wish the tan would stick around a bit longer.



Hello islandgirl,

Wow!!! Incredible deal indeed!!

Do you know if it is an annual ritual to have such deal available on New Year’s day?



well this is a first from what we heard. My agent freaked out when she found about this as this has never been done with a Sandals Hotel before! So we sure capitalized on it!


I would suggest as well, keep checking the travel websites. I found it on Sunholidays.ca or check with your travel agent periodically. They may do this again or it may be offered to other Sandals resorts. A friend of mine went over New Years to the Sandals in Ochos Rios for 1500.00 per person all inclusive with taxes.
Just be diligent in checking. I’m obsessive about it (at least that is what my husband says) but then again, if I wasn’t we wouldn’t be going away in 4 more sleeps to this Sandals!!
If I see anything in my continual checking, I’ll post it here too.


Hi. Sandals does every third night is free on all its resorts one at a time and only does it for a couple of weeks then it is gone. We went the Regency and the Grand for nine days in total and only paid for six days saveing of 2400$Ca.The last time I looked the Sandals Montego bay had the same discount .This is one of the nice thing about Sandals.


Hi there,

Awesome deals last year, wonder if they will be there this year?

We are going Jan 28/06(SSg) and staying in the Honeymoom 1 bedroom oceanview conciege suites. We wanted the waters edge but they were gone? I really need a good ocean and coast view, any suggestions as to what room # to ask for? Hubby didn’t want to go to the bluffs, as the rooms are fairly central.

When did you get the 10 day deals? we want to go to sandlas Negil next year, and I’d love to do 10 days, I didn’t know they were an option?

any suggestions for room number with a view would be very much appreciated. Happy new Year to all! flo