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Sandals Whitehouse questions

We recently booked SWH for a February departure. A couple of questions if we may…
We did not upgrade the room or specify anything specific when booking. Looking at a few of the room pics it appears as though there are bottles of liquor in the rooms. Are all rooms stocked with liquor or is this perhaps part of an upgrade?
This is our first trip to anywhere other than Cuba for the past 5 years or so. We usually count on $100 per week while in Cuba on tips. From what I read about SWH it appears tipping is not allowed or accepted. Please fill me in on this one.
What is the weather apt to be like the third week of February? We were in Montego in February about 6 years ago and froze!!


Dear Zuley,
We were married at Sandals Whitehouse in February of 2007. Not all rooms have alcohol in the minibars. We were one of those rooms. My husband is a beer drinker and he would have prefered to stay on our patio and have a few before retiring for the evening, instead we had to walk to the lobby bar in the evenings for a night cap. Personally I would have liked a bottle of champagne, the rooms with beer would have champagne also. Lucky for us about the 4th day we meet folks who had a suite and didn’t drink much and were more than happy to pass along the beverages. It was indeed the upgraded rooms. It was a nice touch we would have preferred. Not that I’d be willing to pay the extra for it. The resort is absolutely beautiful and spread out quite a bit. We didn’t mind the long walks, refreshing and helped offset the beverages and the wonderful food. There is a million things I could tell you about the place but if you have specific questions…just ask. I could send pics also. The weather was great, it rained one afternoon for about 20 min. but 20 min. later you’d never know it. There was also a sprinkling one evening. No one minded, the group still mulled around, listened to the live music, ate in the outdoor restraunts and cafe. Happy Wedding!


Spoke with my hubby about the above entry…When we landed on Montego Bay the temp. was 21 degrees. Boy were we surprised. Cool, not at all as we invisioned for Jamaica, but when we travelled south to SWH it was 30 plus all week.