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Santa Clara weather in March?

We’ve been numerous times to Holguin and Cayo Largo (we’re big beach people) and have decided to try Santa Clara again. Our first trip had windy/cold weather and loads of jellyfish.
Has anyone been to the Occidental Royal Hideaway in early March?

going in late Feb, been to Cayo Coco a few times in late Feb and always had good very warm weather, but no one can guarantee weather but one guy, and I don’t have his phone number :wink:
Never seen a jellyfish, and I’m an ocean guy

Because of the western orientation of Cayo Ensenachos beach at Royal Hideaway, I think it would be less prone to wind and jellyfish problems than Cayo Santa Maria’s north facing beach. You will still have wind if there is any, obviously, but there should be less wave action and likely less in the way of debris or jellyfish washing up. Did you stay at Royal Hideaway before? Obviously you can never guarantee the weather…my first trip to Cayo Santa Maria was the first week of February, 2003, and it was hot and sunny all week. :smiley:

:sunglasses: We were at Cayo Santa Maria last March for the first week. The weather was 25-31 degrees celcius every day. We never had to wear jacket, even at night. One day the waves were up to 3 feet, but we could still swim no problem. the rest of the time the ocean was flat. Hope this helps.

Thanks for all of the feedback. We’ve never been to the Royal Hideaway before and are pretty excited. Looking at the map, we’ll get lots of exercise as well :smiley:

we’ll be back on the 1st of March and I’ll try to post a few pics and give my opinion on the place, but from what most are saying, it’s a great place

I’ve heard mostly good (but a few negative) reviews so we’ll post when we get back. We’re very low maintenance travelers and find being polite goes a long way. I think some people forget that when they’re on vacation.
We picked the Occidental Hideaway because it’s kid free and we’re looking for peace and quiet with little to no activities.
As a side note, our flight’s been bumped back several hours and will arrive home at 2:00 AM, just in time to go to work Monday morning. :wink: