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Santiago to Holguin - How long a drive?

Any idea how long it takes to drive from Santiago to Holguin?

Also, any idea on the cost by taxi, for a return trip including a few hours in Holguin?

Thanks in advance.

I’ve ever driven the new road that stays away from the mountains so I have no idea of the present day travel time, but the Viazul Bus takes about 3.5 hours, and that’s with one stop in Bayamo. The distance is about 140 kilometres.

The bus is less than 12 CUC, a taxi will be… expensive…

I hope someone with direct up-to-date experience can better answer your question.

Wetook the tour by bus 2 years ago.It was approx. 3 hours give or take a few bumpy roads and some carts and some bikes.Thats one way.I will go back this coming feb. as it was very interesting. I have read a great deal about cuba and Santiago since then and wish to see more this time around. Lots of history. Word of advice .Use the bathroom. Our short bus didn’t have one. For me I could just visit the bushes if need be:) Loved it.