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Saona Island

How far is Saona Island from Punta Cana?
How long is the tour and approximate cost?
Would it be suitable for elderly persons also?
What tour companies would be recommended?

[quote=@travellisa]How far is Saona Island from Punta Cana? 90 minutes by bus to the boat
How long is the tour and approximate cost? around $80 per person

Would it be suitable for elderly persons also? How elderly? if the could walk upstairs to a second floor suite unassisted I would say it is OM

What tour companies would be recommended? different companies in every resort.


I think that Hlywud has covered all your questions, although I`d like to add that the speed boat ride can be pretty bumpy and rough. You can be bounced around a bit…it may be hard on some elderly people, I guess it depends on the person.

Last thought was it was a little tricky getting onto the Catamaran as well but in saying that they sure do help you out alot. It really is a good trip.

I think the speed boat ride is very bumpy and it is tough to gain access to them when the sea is rough.

BUT, we had a great time on this tour, and would do it again in a minute.

We are in our late 40’s, early fifty’s, so someone in their 60’s may find it difficult if they have limitations.

We have done this tour as well. It all depends on the individuals mobility - as stated above the speed boat is bumpy and boarding the catamaran can be tricky. However the tour is fantastic-very enjoyable - and the staff are very helpful. If you go -have a great time and enjoy the bus ride through the countryside. :slight_smile:

specially this time of the year the speedboatride is a huge big bump.
90 minutes one way by bus plus the times to pick up other guests at other resorts.
rates range from $80.- - $125.- per person depending on touroperators.
happy travel

I did the Saona Island tour, and I was pretty scared on the speed boat, as it was a bumby ride. The resort you’re at is just as nice, you have the food, the drinks, the sand, the sun, etc. Besides that, the ride to get to the catamaran or the speed boaed takes about 1.5 hours each way. I would rather suggest the jeep safari tour, (Monster truck or Outback)where you spend the day on a very big jeep, and you visit the country side. Lunch and drinks are included and the cost is approx. 80US.
My preference goes to Monster truck, it was a lot of fun!

We went on this trip about 5 years ago. Please be careful and make sure you ask for life jackets on the caterman. When we went to the Island, we went on speed boat and they would not leave until we all were seated with life jackets on. It was most enjoyable. Then a day in the sun with unlimited alchohol and not the best judgment on my part, allowed ourselves and children to board catameran without life jackets. No body was offered them or wore them. We went thru a rain squall where you could not see the person beside you. After we passed through that and hit clear skies again, the boat hit a wave and I went overboard. I will never ever forget the look on my kids faces when they finally got me back on board, bruised, scratched and scared but alive…I thank god it was not one of my children, the outcome could have been very different. I am to blame as I had consumed too much alcohol, but I believe the people on board should have provided all of us with life jackets. I have not got on a boat since, and will not be when I go in March. Be Safe please… :-/

I would agree the truck tour is much better. The Catamaran was really nice but that was all. Speed boats way to bumpy. You have no shade at all on the boats and it’s just to long a drive from Punta Cana. Well over 3 hours both ways.
I though it was kind of boring on the island, and it was not as nice as the beach at the hotel and the lunch was OK at best. I thought we spent far to long on the island with nothing to do.
Just my 2 cents

Just so you all know, the group i am hanging around with went to this tour and were told 1.5 hours there and back…WRONG!! It was 3.5 hours each way from the Vik/LTI resort. You do stop at 4+ resorts on the way…great tour but at least a 12 hour day

Not the first time I’ve heard that horror story …

We did the Outback Safari tour as well as the Saona Island tour this year. We definately preferred the safari…although it too can be a bit bumpy! I founf the tour interested and you got to see alot of the DR. The Saona tour was a bit boring for my liking, except for the speed boat, which I did enjoy…

FWIW, here’s my take, did it once, it was okay but wouldn’t do it again.

1.5 hour bus ride to Bayahibe, 2 hour catamaran ride (no shade), island stay was 3 hours which was 2 hours too long, better beach at the resort, lunch was pretty good, bombarded by vendors, you had to pretend to be sleeping or they would not leave you alone. 1/2 hour speed boat ride, 15 minutes with the “planted” starfish (one), another 15 min speed boat ride and then back on the bus. A forced stop at a store, then back on the bus for 1.5 hour bus ride back to the resort… total time 12 hours +.

Honestly though, I really enjoyed the bus ride and video taped it as the guide narrated (in 4 languages) the whole time on what we were seeing and telling us about the history of the D.R. THAT is what they should make videos of and sell.

Thanks to everyone for the info. As we have 2 olser seniors with us I don’t think this excursion will work for us. Good to know the trip to get there and back is that long. The kids would not like that part either.

sorry…did not proof reply before posting…I meant 2 older seniors…