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Saving money / going sooner


Well I have decided to save some money this year by going on vacation sooner. The good thing is as I’ve stated I’m going sooner, the bad is I really enjoy the winter break going in January. But doing research I have found going in November is much cheaper so that means I can stay longer and still save money. Now I just have to decide where to go, from what I finding the DR prices stay pretty equal November through February. Mexico on the other hand is much more inexpensive in the November, December timeframe with the exception of Thanksgiving and Christmas. If there are deals in the DR I’m not finding them, I’m really looking to say between 10 and 14 days for under $3000 US leaving out of either Philadelphia or Newark


$3000 per person or for two people for two weeks?


No the $3000 is for both at the CATALONIA RIVIERA MAYA in Puerto Aventuras Mexico through Apple Vacations[quote author=Kaki link=board=general&thread=1115607554&start=1#0 date=1115608149]$3000 per person or for two people for two weeks?[/quote]


Hola JailCop:
We have gone to the DR 5 times, and every time in November. By doing this we have saved big bucks. Check out Vacation Travel Mart for the best price. Email me and I can give you my travel rep’s email, and she will get you a quote. By using VAcMart you fly on American and get frequent flyer mileage. We have already flown once free to the DR , and we almost have enough for another trip.

Let me know.

Mike & Cyndie - The Maineacs