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Scammers At the Airport?


from another post on the Punta Cana Section…“Just wanted to let everyone know that, upon returning home with air transat, we got to the counter and were checking in and we flew home club class so we were allowed extra baggage. I put my suitcase on and they told me i was over and had to pay 110.00 usd, i kept looking at my bag and noticed that the guy had his foot on the scale also, so i got mad and told him to take it off, in which he did and my bag was 40 kilos lighter…they did it to the people behind us also. They were just gonna take our money and pocket it…so watch when you check in!!!..”

Hope the PP airport doesnt have the same problems??


I didn’t have any trouble on Monday and didn’t hear of any so lets hope it doesn’t spread and that the ones who are doing it get stopped soon.

Cheers Amandalou :-*


Just so you know— that same problem has happened in POP. I would always be very careful both checking in and when going through security. Don;t get separated from your carryon at any time. Keep you eye on the handlers when they weigh your luggage as well. My husband saw them also putting their foot on the scale. He is Canadian/Dominican and feels they scrutinize him more than regular travellers.


Wow…never thought of that happening, but thanks so much for making us aware. We’ll definitely keep an eye on things.

:slight_smile: Bru