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School in Moron?

There must be a school in Moron. Does anyone know if it’s off the beaten path or anything?
We are going to Blau Colonial on March 28th with our kids.
One of their teachers said that they would not make them do make up work if my son did a report on his trip.
I thought it would be a good idea to get a couple pictures around or inside a school.

Yes there is a school in Moron,as I remember seeing all the school kids in their uniforms walking around the area when I was there a few years back.I seem to recall also seeing the school,which was not far from the main street we were on.Your son will have an interesting report…good luck.

there is a school on the main street i walked down in Moron as said they were all out in there uniforms

Do you speak Spanish? For your son to hang around the school or for you to take pictures you should have a meeting with the Principal and explain the situation. It should not be too difficult to have you son sit in on a couple of classes if you go through the proper channels. (In other words, don’t simply show-up at the school without an appointment.)

There’s a lot of schools in Morón.

I recall picking up relatives at one near a park to the north east of the train station.

What ages are your kids ?

My son is 12, daughter 15.
We don’t speak spanish but my daughter claims she can just because it sounds so “cool”. Lol!

Many schools in the touristy areas no longer accept tourists as visitors during the school day (this has come about in the last year or so). You are usually permitted to photograph the outside of the school–just not tour the inside. I can understand the policy because many schools were constantly being disrupted by visitors. I expect if you were hoping for any sort of visit inside a school, it should be prearranged with the principal.