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School supplies


I was wondering were we could drop off some school supplies my friend and I are bringing? We are staying at EdenH between Dec 18 to Jan 1.

Punta Cana Mike who works at EdenH delivers needed items where they are most required. I just left our donations at the front desk for him to distribute. I am sure someone else can confirm this, but isn’t Mike affiliated with Beyond the Beach Children’s Charities?

Yes you are right Sis, as am I. Punta Cana Mike will gather the stuff and quite often Mike Fisher will do the deliveries.

just so you know. NO PCMike is not affliiated with beyond the beach. I can tell you as someone who is…and is also family to PC Mike…If you tell him it is for beyond the beach…he will make sure it gets to where it is intended. BUT my Mike is about EVERYONE…he is NOT affiliated with ONE organization. He goes to places no one thinks off…

if you are going to edenh…you can give it to mike an express your intents…ex…that you want it to go to BTB supported places…if not…well believe me…he will FIND where it is most needed



happily supporting Beyond the Beach…and Mike Bryant…independant caregiver to the dominican kids…regardless…you cannot lose!!


Take your supplies to Steve’s bar and ask for Mike Fisher…He will distribute them to the 26 boys who need the suppplies in the orphange…Yes Mike from Eden will help out as well.
from a member of BTBF

hey Brian,
how’s it going up there??
had a cold green one lately???
ha ha ha
i have one right now, just in case,
will take that one on your tab, lol.
while i pick up donations for the kids at ‘nearby’ evey spot of the coast,
in case of visitors who stay at the EdenH the easiest way is to leave that at the front desk for PCMike(Mike Bryant), ask for him, if you are lucky he is right there at his office when you step by the front desk, and he knows for sure where that stuff is needed.
there’s no better contributor to our community’s ‘youth club’.
if you leave it at Steve’s just drop me a PM or e-mail about that with the date, so i will pass by and pick it up. i am starting peak season for my own business now, so i am not at Steve’s several times a week like during fall when i run my vaca time on the Isle.
when i know somebody dropped something off i sure will be there.
in case of the EdenH:
the lobby and PCMike it is.
thanks for your great support of our children

will open a separate thread about that now,
i have trouble with the e-mail account
so please contact me only here on Debbies by PM or on my regular e-mail account
i send a complain to the provider of my server about that,
but til they fixed the bug i don’t want to leave good people without a answer to their e-mails.
please spread this message around to everybody chatting about the donations.