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Scooter Rental in Jibacoa


Has anyone heard or have news about Scooter rentals in Jibacoa. I just heard they weren’t available any more.


Apparently it’s true, they are gone. Someone over on the Jibacoa Tripadvisor board emailed the hotel to ask about it and got the reply that scooter rentals are no longer available and they didn’t know if they would be back. :frowning:
They did not move over to CVJ either.

That sucks because renting a scooter is how we have always gotten around to visit friends in the outlaying areas. It’s a great experience to ride the backroads in the country around there, you see so much more than you could ever see from a taxi. We’ve also gone along on a scooter with Cuban friends on their motorbikes and travelled hither and yon.

I certainly hope that someone in the area makes scooter rentals available again because to be honest I am not willing to pay someone to drive us, it’s a huge loss of freedom and a way bigger cost.

I would think that the scooter tours helped the hotels reputation as well, it gave people the opportunity to get out and see the countryside and learn about life in Cuba.

I think we should organize a campaign to get all the repeat guests who rent scooters while there to email the hotel and lobby to get them back!


I’m not surprised they’ve been dropped and I would guess it’s from lack of use by guests. We’ve never used them, preferring hiring a private car to visit people. I’ve done enough fast leaps to the edge of the roadside (and trying to avoid landing on various animal patties :P), when doing my daily walks. Since the road was paved, you now have to keep a wary eye out for fast cars, trucks and buses, so I know I’d feel really vulnerable on a scooter.


We’ve used the Scooters a number of times… always with a guide, though. We’ve had great cultural and educational experiences on the Scooter tours. I’ve noticed the past couple years that “sign-ins” in the Lobby have dropped off somewhat but what a bummer if they don’t come back !! We’re back to Jibacoa in Feb. and were planning on 1 or 2 “repeats” as it’s so much fun for those few hours in the open air. I don’t know if the Jibacoa would be able to help as the scooters weren’t directly a part of the Resort. If someone can get the info I’d be on board to petition for sure !


I’m really disappointed that they have gotten rid of them. I actually like the scooters. In CL I use them to go into the village. Now that we’re going to Jibacoa, I was looking forward to renting one and exploring the countryside, especially if the weather is not spectacular.


A few years ago they had bicycles as well. I personally wouldn’t touch a scooter in Cuba…for a number of reasons, maintenance being a big one…but it was nice to be able to borrow a bike (after kicking the tires and making sure the chain was secure!) :smiley:


Wow!! No scooters, no dive shop! My two favourite activities.


Rumour has it the dive shop will be open in a couple of weeks but, hopefully, not “Cuba” weeks ;).


I e-mailed Vivian re the scooters and just got this reply: “Scooters are no longer available in our Resort and so far we don’t have any news about when they will be brought back. We are very sorry but it is not in our hands to solve this issue”.
I guess we must hope that by the time our cold weather sets in and we’re all ready to return to the Jibacoa that they WILL be back !


Thanks for taking the initiative and following up with the resort, old grapes :slight_smile:


Got back yesterday, from BJ’s. Spoke with the guys in the dive shop, not happy campers, they were telling me they need new equipment period, and they cannot get it in cuba…the shop is closed till then. But from our talks…next year came up….es cuba


Thanks crabby1. Info doesn’t get much better than that. Got a new Review coming?


Thanks for the most current information. Although scooters are history, I believe BJ guests can use the dive shop next door. I know their guests used the BJ dive shop, in the past.


The dive shop at the Cameleon Jibacoa does NOT have a proper dive boat. Diving clients are taken out in a pedal boat which is somewhat limiting insofar as distance to some of the better and deeper dive spots.

The lack of a dive boat was the primary reason for CVJ clients to go over and use the Breezes Jibacoa facilities. I can’t imagine many Breezes Jibacoa clients who are very serious divers being satisfied with the offerings at the Cameleon.

The dive shop at Cameleon does however have excellent staff, so it’s worthwhile.


Then, maybe it’s time the two dive shops start working together while the BJ one is down. CVJ supplies the equipment and BJ the dive boat. That way, divers at both resorts benefit.


Logic says this should happen BUT, I don’t see that it will.

On several occasions when we’ve been at Breezes, their dive boat wasn’t available because they either didn’t have gas to run it or the motor was broken. That’s what we were told. At least over at the Cameleon, the pedal boat is human powered so we’ve always been able to dive when we wanted to. There is also a natural rivalry between the dive shops so co-operation probably isn’t high on their agendas.

Diving can be very dangerous! Safety must always come first. The equipment at Breezes is in dire need of replacement so it’s wise to close their dive shop for now.


I’m not sure about cooperation. Even though these two resorts are side by side, they list their addresses differently so they can each be rated number 1 for their location. LOL