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Scuba included Paradisus Rio de Oro

So life interfered with our plans and we are not about to leave in december as we had expected :’(… Still dreaming tho :wink:

Part of my Cuba withrawal syndrom therapy (self-prescribed ;)…) is to look up options… right now, PRdO is very tempting with it’s private outdoor showers and hammocks ;D. The deal breaker will be scuba diving and snorkeling, which I understand is almost as good as Jibacoa’s… my confusion is that I though I read here that the scubba diving was included in the hotel activities but their website / brochure info states the opposite… Did it change recently?

I hope not… I would really like to go back to that area especially after Ike and Gustave…

Looking forward for your answers, thanks a bunch…

I found this in searstravel under Conquest Vacations for the PRDO
Selected non-motorized watersports including snorkeling, windsurfing, kayaks, catamarans, aquacycles, sailboats & pedalboats
Scuba diving for certified & beginners (1 FREE DIVE per person per day plus introductory lessons for beginners & certified divers at the pool (reservations required at least one day in advance and subject to availability)

Thanks! That would be half way there… good start!

Does anyone know how many dives a day are offered? we found most places advertise two dives, most of the time that’s what you get but other places go on an ellusive schedule…

Thanks Gambit!

Would you happen to know if they are equiped for night diving… ??? lots of centers advertise it but when you ask for there is always a reason or another not to go… :-/

Also, do you think Carlos could provide 3 dives a day once in a while? We are both certified and my husband is really an avid diver. He was in paradise in Maria La Gorda with the three dives daily + the night dive in option… there is nothing else to do once you are out there at Maria La Gorda… so you can really go all out scubba diving! Guess we got spoiled :wink:

Thanks again

Excellent points Gambit!

I have rarely been disappointed when I asked without expecting a positive answer right away.

Scuba discover courses are great because they usually are in very shallow water hance excellent setting for photographing!

Thanks again

Scuba diving is sometimes offered but is not usually included in the cost of the vacation. Though many resorts offer an intro to scuba lesson in the pool and introductory dive at no cost. Subsequent dives are then charged for, but I have found not to be unreasonable. Night dives in the warm waters are wonderful. An awesome experience. Keeping in mind that the dive master is on salary, and does not get extra pay for staying over for a night dive it might be worthwhile to get a group together if possible so that “tips” will make it worthwhile for the DM and boatdriver.