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Searching Carry-on


I was browsing through another forum and someone mentioned that they had just returned from Punt Cana. At the airport, their carry-on luggage was manually searched by Dominican Airport Security This person then went to pay for airport parking and found that all of their cash was missing from the carry-on. The word “stolen” was used, and although I’m not doubting this person, I wasn’t there so I can’t use the word. Someone else mentioned that they too had their carry-on subjected to a very extensive search by “ignorant” Airport Security. I’m planning my fourth trip to Punta Cana but I haven’t been there in almost five years. Is searching carry-on luggage in Punta Cana standard procedure since 9-11? Has anyone else been through this? Would it be wise to remove all cash from the carry-on just in case it will be searched? If this is NOT true, I apologize if I’ve alarmed or offended anyone.


The only way I travel is with just carryon, one shoulder/beach bag and a small roller luggage so I can just zip right thru the airports - BUT I have never left cash/credit cards/wallet in any of that, it’s always on my person, either in a pocket or a reverse fanny pack. Why take a chance? Works against pickpockets too…and I learned this on the streets of Manhattan…
Once deplaned, I keep passport/custom forms in my hand so I don’t have to fumble looking for that stuff, once at the hotel, it goes into the room safe! (copy kept elsewhere) Happy Travelling!


Never had this problem in my many trips to PUJ…but I always keep my money/passport on my person (eg pocket). Hope you have a safe and trouble-free travel experience! :slight_smile:


We saw it happen in PUJ a few years ago. One couple lost $75 and we heard of others from that flight who also were missing money. Never saw anything like it in two trips to POP though. Definitely only carry the valuables on person and not in your carry on.


When you have your carry-ons searched make sure you stand directly over your luggage to see that nothing is taken by their customs. If there are two of them, which I believe there always is have your partner stand there with you just in case one of the officials from customs try to distract you from looking at your carry-ons.
It has happened to me in the past to have them searched but I made sure there was always someone there with me and so therefore have never had anything stolen. :sunglasses:


Mine was searched in June, but it was done right in front of me, on a table at the departure gate.


I collect all the small items in my carryon and put them in LARGE ziploc bags. Any one searching the carryon can see the contents of the clear bag(s) and they’re too big to slip into a pocket when no one is looking.

Anyone flying into an airport in the US is almost certain to have bags searched because of your security regulations. They have large tables set up just before the baggage check-in area.


Bob, good idea with the ziplock bags. I had never thought of that before (although I use them like crazy in my checked luggage for anything and everything that can leak/break/spill).

Seems this issue of theft while going through security arises about as much as the check-in banditos.


With the States being soooooooooo cautious on security…funny I went thru 3 airports in the US last week and it is funny how easy it would be to carry some weapon onto the plane…security is awful.

I flew from somewhere to US and had to catch another plane. We had a 2 hour wait…to run free in the airport with our carry on…not that I would evr do anything, but the point is, why would they not search it again before boarding the 2nd plane?? MAde me wonder.


I travel alot. I have never had my carry on searched when traveling internationally. :)I always have my carry on searched when travelling within Canada ???.


I just thought it was funny, that we and soooo many others had time to wander all around the airport and then board a plane with out being checked. Yes I was checked in Canada and that was the only time…


Nic I would think that it is because before you boarded the first plane you were screened through security. Unless you leave the secure area of an airport, you are deemed a safe passenger. If you should leave the secure area to go out for a smoke, you will be searched again before you board the second plane.

I do find it funny that your carry on is weighed at check in and then you are sent on your way. When you pass through security there are tons of places to shop and you could easily board the plane with a carry on bag that weighs more than your checked luggage, especially if you bought a lot of rum.


Does not matter if you are in a secured area or not…you can go shopping and eat with forks and knives and board the plane. Hmmmmm Seemed funny to me. :stuck_out_tongue:


I have never thought of that before, then they give you plastic knives on the plane!!


On the plane they try to make meals i.e. sandwiches bagels etc that you do not have to use forks etc.
That was the first thing I noticed when I was in the airport and we were eating…D’oh…Oh well nothing we can do about it. Although in the DR I never eat at their restaurants off the resort so I do not know what they have to offer before boarding.


Sunny - what airport did you go through where they weighed your carry on? I’ve never had that happen to me. I’ve had to show that it fits in the little rack that they have to test it, but never had it weighed.


I was traveling from Toronto to St. John’s last Christmas with my carry on to one side, which has never been weighed before, full with 6 bottles of my favourite wine and 4 kgs of souvlaki chicken from my favourite butcher. I almost died when the agent asked me to put it on the scale because it weighed 19 kgs. That is the last time I check in at the Executive Class line up even if I am traveling up front. That was the first time it had happened to me but others have mentioned having their carry on weighed at check in.


I think with the increase in fuel costs that all airlines are much more concerned with weight. Even domestically they are starting to weigh carry ons. My husband flew from Chicago to Calgary the day after that plane went off the runway and they weighed everything for everyone. At the last minute came on to the plane and asked for two volunteers to take the next flight (with compensation) as they were full and wanted to adjust weight - said they even were counting children vs. adults. (Apparently they have a standard weight that they estimate for men, women and children). Very interesting. I noticed last week even West Jet was weighing carry ons in Calgary.


Good to know. I’ll make sure that my Carry-on is fairly light for the trip south. The trip back home - all bets are off!


I always get my video camera checked in Punta Cana when I’m comming home. They open the case and look through everything. Nothing ever taken ::slight_smile:
I too like Bob’s idea with the Zip lock baggies :wink: Good for you Bob :smiley: