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Secrets activities?


Well, we are t-minus 14 days and the anticipation countdown has begun. This is a great forum and has soooo helped with our 1st trip to the DR.
Are there any yoga, aerobic or exercise classes offered through the daily activities(my wife is asking) at Secrets? Has anyone done any spa treatments that were standout there? Thanks a lot :slight_smile:


most resorts offer water aerobics and regular aerobics be it poolside or on the beach not sure about the yoga stuff tho.I’ve never heard of a resort offering yoga but I’m sure someone on these forums can correct me.enjoy your vacation.


The spa at SEPC is beautiful. The couples midnight massage on the beach gets rave reviews consistently.

There will be all sorts of daily activities. I can’t remember if yoga was one of them or not, but there was positively Yoga at Secrets Capri, so I’m leaning toward ‘yes’.

Cheryl :slight_smile: