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Secrets Excellence - Punta Cana


My boyfriend and I have booked a trip to Secrets Excellence in Punta Cana and are considering booking the helicopter transportation to and from the resort. Was wonderding if anyone has done this and if you think it is worth it. I have read that it is a 60-90 minute shuttle ride from the airport to the resort, where the helicopter is 20 minutes. Looking for some feedback on this . . . ::slight_smile:

Also wondering if anyone has done an excursion to Saona Island from Punta Cana and if that is worth it as well? ???


Hi treasabella :slight_smile:

I know this has been discussed before, so you might try doing a search of the terms Secrets & helicopter…should pull some info up for you. Of course, someone may just pipe up and give you an answer here, and that would be peachy too :sunglasses:

Have fun!



My wife and I went to Secrets in April. I tried to book the Helicopter (with Helidosa) from the Airport to the resort several times over the phone from home. I thought I had finally suceeded. When we arrived at the airport I was expecting to see someone with a sign with our name on it, there was not. We took a cab to the helicopter area ( $10)where we found 4 guys shrugging their shoulders when I asked where the helicopter was. Back to the airport inb the cab (another $10) and we ended up taking the bus. The next morning we received a call from Helidosa apologizing and offering the helicopter to pick us up at the hotel and bring us on a 10-15 minute free tour. IT WAS AWESOME!!! I would book it if I were you, but hopefully it will be there. Good luck. Secrets is awesome also.