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Secrets Maroma questions

I found a 1/2 price deal to Secrets Maroma. After reading every piece of info I could find on this resort, I’m still unsure if they have a buffet. It states 7 restaurants, but does not say they have a buffet.

Also…it appears to be quite isolated from other resorts. Can you walk on the beach in either direction? Is there anything to see?

On the plus side, it appears to have the most beautiful section of beach I have seen in the Mayan Riviera area.

Secrets Maroma does have a Buffet, it is called the World Cafe and it serves breakfast and lunch and dinner.


link above will take you to their site where it is listed

I was there in September and going back in April.

You can view my pics here:


And I have an info album with map and spa prices listed here:


Hope this is helpful,
Happy Travels!
bb/mt ;D

Thanks for the info. It was very helpful. Did you find this resort to be more low key in regard to entertainment? I’m worried it is too upscale and not lively enough. Is there any beach parties or entertainment throughout the day? or does everyone just walk around hand in hand…

Hi Surfer!

I was affraid to go to Secrets as a solo female traveler…but now I am so glad that I did!

They did have things going on during the day…

Around the pool and on the beach…games and such…

Also had shows at night either in the theater or by the pool…all very nicely done.

Their activities were more low key than at Dreams which caters to families with children…

The crowd that was there in Septemeber was a lively bunch and they all seemed to be having a lot of fun…

Happy Travels!
bb/mt ;D

THanks! Sounds more lively than I originally thought. I’ll be travelling with my hubby and another couple. Wondering what types of food are available at lunch at the buffet? Is there the standard burger/fries/nachos? What about dinner buffet…I read somewhere that this is very limited in choices. What types of food is available 24 hours? We may be on tours and prefer not to schedule an ala carte meal for every night.

surfer101, one of the great features of Secrets resorts is that no reservations are required for dinners. You only need to show up at the restaurant of your choice and at the time of your choice, no need to decide ahead of time.

Hi Surfer…

there are many dining choices beside the buffet!

I loved Oceana and Seaside with really great seafood and more…

you can check out their dining choices here:


there is plenty to choose from and there is also room service.

I used room service for a light lunch and found it very good and fairly fast.

Happy Travels!
bb/mt ;D

surfer, I would like to know where you found the 1/2 price deal. I have looked at going here before, and we are looking for somewhere again in May. We like to try new places each time down. Anyone with a great place to try please let me know, thanks all.

Coldone…The prices on selloffvacations.com are showing 2 very distinct prices. 5-7day vacations range from $995 - $1295 pp for Jr Suite ROH. The ocean view rooms for 5-7 days range from $2605-$3475 pp. I just can’t imagine an ocean view room being worth almost $5000 more in cash (including tax/double occupancy). It’s actually more than 1/2 price. No brainer to book the ROH. From what I read, there isn’t a bad room in the place.