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Secrets Royal Beach or Majestic Colonial?

Hi all,
We are booking a trip for October!! well needed!!
We have been to Dreams Punta Cana & Bahia Ambar prior and loved them. We have also traveled all over Mexico & Jamaica.
We have it narrowed down to the Majestic Colonial Swim Out room or Secrets Royal Beach Swim Out room.
Love the idea of “Secrets” adults only plus they have options like romantic beach dinner & renting a beach cabana with butler for the day.
We dont mind kids which is why Majestic is on our list as well as great reviews!!!
Kinda leaning to Secrets cause it is really affordable at the moment and soon Secrets will raise the price more in line with their other resorts (my guess since they just switched to Secrets in May)
Anyway… it’s a tough choice!! we are not picky…
anyone stay at both??
Does majestic have any adult areas???
HELP!! need to decide!!

The Colonial does not have an Adult Only section but the Majestic Elegance next door does! It is not a completely self contained AO since you ahve to leave the section for all the restaurants and entertainment.
We were at the Majestic last yera and this year it came down to returning or going to Secrets - we selected to return to the ME but it was a close call between the two.

see you travel alot what would u suggest for a resort this is our first time to dr