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Selection Punta Cana


I am presuming this is a new name for an old resort. Does anyone know which one it is. Thanks


Never heard of it


I think it might be a “Roulette” package. Is it Sunwing Selection?

Make sure you read the fine print and research the hotels. There are a lot of stipulations added this year.


I’ve not heard of any hotel with this name either. But it does show on the Sunwing.ca website. When you try to find more information, it shows up as 4* but you get a 404 (file not found) error when you try to get specifics. My best guess is that it’s one of those deals where you book a package and date, but don’t know what hotel you are going to until the last moment. Then they ‘select’ from what’s available. This is usually a pretty good deal price wise so long as you don’t have a specific property in mind.


There are 5 resorts listed for the Punta Cana Selection: Natura Park, Grand Paradise Bavaro,
Be Live Grand PC, IFA Villas and Iberostar Dominicana.
Read the fine print, though.


Thanks. I missed that when I researched it. Yes, by all means read the fine print.


Thanks everyone. I never thought of it being a roulette.


More then likely it is indeed a roulette system, however Club Med in P.C. calls their resort on several of their web sites a Selection resort. They also name some of their other resorts throughout the world as Golf Resort, Couples Resort, Friends and Singles Resort.