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Self made Gifts?

I was thinking of making my on gifts for my kids, this being glass jars filled with, sand and water. Do you think this will be a problem for me? I didn’t know if this would even be allowed.

We are flying in and out of Santa Clara as we are staying at the Melia Cayo Santa Maria resort. We leave this Friday, and it is both our first time.

I am sure I could buy something there, but I just thought it would be more personal this way.


You can bring a small quantity of sand home with you, but be very, very careful that it is in a well-sealed bag - you should at least double bag it. When you get home, put the sand in hot soapy water and wash it … you may want to add to small touch of bleach. As well, some people then put the sand on a cookie sheet and bake it for awhile. Seriously - you don’t want to risk bringing sand fleas or whatever into your home. While the sand fleas would eventually die … heaven only knows what else is in the sand! :frowning:
Nice to be creative with making gifts! :slight_smile:

Ewwww, I never thought about sand fleas, or anything else for that matter.

Now I don’t know what I am going to do…I was just going to put the sand and water in the jars and seal the lids, then put them in some bubble wrap and in a plastic container to protect them from getting broke.

Thanks for your response :slight_smile:

Many resort shops sell little jars of sand as souvenirs - that would be a safer bet than a do-it-yourself project!

And do not …please … collect anything from the sea to bring home.

There are lots of crafters that sell at the resorts we have been to that supports the local economy for only a few dollars I have a hand made hair band I love.

Hi Kymberlee and welcome to the forum.

You’ll find lots of inexpensive craft items to buy from the locals.

If you’re set on making some gifts, then how about taking some 4x6 wooden photo frames (Ikea sells them cheap!) and a small bottle of white glue.

Take the glass out of the frame and leave it at home. Spread the glue on the frame and cover it with sand. Shake off the excess sand and let the frame dry well. Wrap the dry sanded frame in newspaper or tissue paper and pop a great vacation photo into the frame once you’ve processed your photos. Great personalized, self made gift!

Hola YVRck

That is such an awesome idea for a keep sake/gift, from a vacation. :wink:

Freedom Ryder 8-)…

Hey Kymberlee,
I’ve brought back sand and seashells before. Yes, double bagging is a good idea and when you get back, just pop the whole thing in your freezer for a couple of weeks. (this is also a good idea for any souvenirs that might be made of plant material like coconuts and even seeds)
Keep in mind that sand is heavy, so watch the weight it may add to your luggage too :-/
Your home-made gift is delightful, and if you choose not to do it you certainly will not break the bank finding a trinket or two to take home either.
Good luck :-*

PS…One should take caution with items made with seeds as they can be poisonous.