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Sell Offs and other Miseries

In this part of the country and, I think, in Western Canada too, there aren’t really sell-offs.
Our friends in Calgary pay $4000 for two people for two weeks like we do here so it’s pricey to try and get away more than once per year and there aren’t any vacation deals between April and December. :’(
In Toronto or Montreal, do you book last minute in the winter, then take advantage of the $400 deals in the summer and fall? :sunglasses:

I know I would be taking advanatge of those deals all the time. What I wouldn’t give to be able to book a last minute deal for $350 taxes in to a nice resort.

Last minute deals here usually range about $12-1500 per person…no matter if summer or hurricane season.

Not saying you can’t find a deal every now and then. But the folks in Montreal and espically Toronto are so lucky to have such cheap options year round!

A couple of years ago the Tour Providers started offering their direct flight winter vacations, commencing the end of March, here in NB. At the time, it looked like they were “banking” their Atlantic clients as a way to keep prices high.
Since then there haven’t been “deals” on Direct April travel to Cuba. :’(
The other thing I noted was the price guarantee tended to keep prices up until the qualifying period ran out 30 days for most and as little as 7 days? for one other.
No gradual reductions, just increases until the big drop after the guarantee runs out. We could drive to, and sub-lease a small apartment in Toronto for a month and grab a “sell-off” for the same price as a package from here. Stay a couple of days on each end to take advantage of better driving. :sunglasses:

Then there are the last minute schedule changes … anybody have a horror story?

My horror story is more along the lines of the nightmare of trying to book a simplified trip from the west coast to Cuba. I’m guessing it might be the same from the east coast. What I have found, for this coming winter season, is that the tour operators appear to be concentrating on fewer departure cities. For example, the only operator flying direct out of Vancouver is Sunwing. If you want to book with another operator you are stuck with connecting through Calgary, Edmonton or (yikes) Toronto :o Very frustrating and costlier. Sunwing must be thrilled to have Vancouver all to themselves! Due to the limited number of flights to Varadero, out of the west, I doubt there will be much in the way of selloffs this winter. It will be interesting to see how it plays out.

I don’t care if I have to walk to Cayo Largo.
As far as price goes, okay , whatever !, sounds good to me !!!

( I am such a tough sale )

I book my summer vacation last minute - watching for the “ideal week and price”, but since my winter vacation is more a “must have”, I tend to book it as soon as possible. As far as price goes, I like to get a decent price, but basically will pay what I have to for January (and offset it with fantastic last second savings in the summer. I live about four hours from Toronto, so it makes sense to use it as a departure city, but I can sympathize with those of you in other parts of the country. To travel to TO costs sometimes costs more than the trip to Cuba for a week!

ACV just dropped their prices. Lower than last fall in many cases. Maybe time to pull the trigger on those Price-Drop guarantees. :wink: ;D

We usually book several months in advance for our spring vacays, simply because we’re several couples involved, half of whom fly out of HFx or Moncton.

In the last few years out of Quebec City, the only “deals” or dramatic price drops we see tend to see are either for Nov+early December and January, which do not appeal to us (been there, done that, prefer March and on). Work issues also come into play.

For example, the trip we booked for this March, over 1600/p when booked last Sept. and has only fluctuated by 80$ or so either way, but lookout, 500$ less for last minute deals.

Another thing: our 2013 trip costs more than does that of our Moncton amigos, while last year they paid more than we did, for same dates. (Last year Air Transat for all and this year Sunwing for all)

I didn’t think we would see much price dropping this year with all these price drop guarantees you get for booking early.

Then again, they are full of conditions as I found out firsthand… ::slight_smile:

ACV has dropped their pricing? Was it just something in particular that you noticed with them, or overall some changes that would make it worth looking at booking something?!

ACV dropped CL from $4900/2ppl/2wks to $3643 last night. With points and card discounts it comes out to less than 1600pp/2wk/incltax. About what a week elsewhere costs from here.
Still can’t beat your cruise and fly deal. LOL

That is a good deal! I am looking for Cuba in April and haven’t seen a drop yet for the dates or loacations I am looking at, but good to see some movement. Maybe it will lead to more and others, as this has been a pricey year so far.

I’m looking for something for Thursday next week. Prices have gone up in the past 3 days. The best I can find is for $600. AND the single supplement is killing me.

OK, I’m daft but I read through the thread twice and I don’t see any mention of a cruise and fly deal. ??? ??? ???
I did find a cruise out of New Orleans for 7 days at about $800. pp with flight from BUF however, that was inside cabin. I just don’t find cruises as relaxing as sitting on the beach, plus I get anxiety attacks from the prices they charge for booze.

AC has a few flight only specials. Westjet has some vacation specials but their ‘sale’ was even higher than Transat on the ones I looked at.

Have to agree with others, the sell-offs normally are showing by now but apart from a few isolated deals (Jibocao $447. from YYZ -all in) that lasted 24 hrs. (now gone), I have seen nothing worth jumping up and grabbing my wallet. I think it ‘might’ happen next week as the weather forecast here in the banana belt of Canada will be +3 to +5 for a few days.

I absolutely cringe at the thought of paying the kind of prices you guys out East pay. OUCH :o :o :o :o Of course, S. Ont. misses all the wonderful weather that you get - like hurricanes and blizzards. In TO, they have to call the army in when there’s 6" of snow. ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

I’ve been thinking about setting up a web site that specializes in advertising travel deals. There already are a few but they get overloaded with people posting “I need a special to Montego Bay for Jan. 17th, why can’t you find me one?” The reality IMHO is that T/Os and T/As have a vested interest in booking you on higher prices as that’s how they get paid. Very few are willing to search out lower prices that pop up unexpectedly. There is so little profit in selling packages in small quantities.

[quote=@bigjohn]I’m looking for something for Thursday next week. Prices have gone up in the past 3 days. The best I can find is for $600. AND the single supplement is killing me.

Why pay SS when you can take me along for only a few $$ more. ;D ;D ;D I’ll even pay the dif.

Sorry, the cruise and fly thing was something from another message or post. Sorry for the confusion. I had said I had found a Bahamas cruise for $199(as you can see from my nice ticker…lol) and got a flight from Bangor for $280…so you can’t beat that out here in Eastern Canada. Not sure how it will compare to doing the AI thing as its my 1st cruise, but too good to pass up on and give it a chance. Drink prices will be the reason this will probably be my one and only cruise.

Single supplement does kill, Westjet being the worse in my experience. Usually about 50% increase on the base cost, and their prices are normally higher to start with, although their taxes are less than any others. ACV is the best for flying out of Halifax or Moncton, usually only a couple hundred extra for the week.

If you want to drink on the ship without breaking the bank, it’s best to try to smuggle a couple small bottles in your luggage (or in your jacket) when you get on. They are super strict about bringing any booze on at a port of call. Drinks on board are often $8-$10. each plus 15% mandatory grat.(or ouch!)

Have fun. Give us your fun report when you get back.

FWIW, I think allowing cruise ships to stop in Cuba might be one of the first things the US might lift on the embargo. That would be a nice help for the Cuban economy.

Sorry dax, my fault.
monctonguy and I were discussing his great deal in a different Debbie’s forum.
Heck of a deal, eh?

Checked with my TA to see if we would get a price drop but the resort we have booked isn’t part of the ACV price drop guarantee. Oh well, we got a great early booking price so no complaints and, finally, after booking way back early June we are mere weeks away :slight_smile:

[quote=@bigjohn]I’m looking for something for Thursday next week. Prices have gone up in the past 3 days. The best I can find is for $600. AND the single supplement is killing me.
;D ;D ;D ;D Prices started to move downward for Toronto departures this morning after deceases from Ottawa and other centres yesterday.

For Jan. 10, you can get Memories CSM for just over $600. (a decent 4*) plus your SS I expect you won’t find anything without SS in Jan. but have not checked that myself.

My prediction was about a week late in coming and not as drastic as I thought - yet. I think the difference is that the weather in Canada has been colder than last year at this time. Also, I think the TO’s are being more careful on their plans with planes.

$600 or less for a 4* is my magic number so you’re pretty close.

Whoops, as of Sunday morning, all of the Saturday low prices have now gone way up, some by over $200. pp. Bummer. >:( >:( >:( >:(