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Sending Documents


Hello All,

I’m about ready to send my documents off to wedo - couple of questions before I do.

I got the single status declarations today - they are notarized, etc.

I have the long form birth certificates for both of us.

Do I need to send the original birth certificate and original passport??? Or copies…

Do I send several copies of each item? Or just the originals?

I know I’m supposed to enclose a mail order for $290 US and a self-addressed return envelope…

Am I missing something?

I also heard that WEDO just opened in Canada - can anyone confirm and give an address for this new one?



here is her email to me

Below, please find a list of the documents you would need to send to us to
be translated and legalized by the Dominican Consulate:

  • Original and one copy of Single Status Affidavit, notarized
    (Bride and Groom).
  • Two photocopies of birth certificate (Bride and Groom).
  • One photocopy of passport or drivers license (Bride and Groom).
  • If previously married, two copies of divorce decree.
  • Money order payable to “DOMINICAN CONSULATE” for the
    corresponding amount.
  • Self stamped/addressed envelope or prepaid courrier (FEDEX, DHL,
    UPS, etc.) for the return of the documentation.
  • Name of resort/hotel where the wedding will be celebrated, date
    of the wedding, name of Wedding Coordinator.


now this is her email she sent when i asked her about the canadian office

Hello Michelle,

You can send your documents to us in January and we’ll have your documents
ready and back to you in about 10 business days.

Charges are the same, US$145.00 per person for the translation and
Consular legalization of Birth Certificate and the notarized Single
Status Affidavit. There is an additional charge of US$110.00 each, if
previously married, for the translation and issuance of the Divorce or
Death Certificate. Any additional document needing
translation/legalization, like Certificate of Adoption, Parental
Authorization and-or Authorization to Travel (minors), etc., is charged at
US$75.00 each. Fees are payable by Money Order. Documents will be ready
and mailed back in less than seven working days. Kindly include a self
stamped/addressed envelope. Should you use a courrier (we recommend FEDEX
or DHL), which we strongly suggest, please include a prepaid airwaybill
for us to return the documentation. If a prepaid courrier can not be
obtained, add US$28.00 to your total and documents will be sent back to
you by Federal Express or similar.

Have a wondeful Holiday Season and a very happy healthy 2007!

Best regards,




Thanks Michelle - so she didn’t say anything about where the Canadian location is? Or where you can mail it to? I have all my documents now, and i’m going to send them to her on Friday morning, but I just wanted to double check about the canadian location - but i will just send it to the one in Texas as that way, I know it’s definitely there and open.



Kilikina: never send your passport to anyone, just a copy will do. Heaven forbid if you lose your passport as you might be up the creel without a paddle. Always treat your passport as a sacred and a privileged document. Can you just image what might happen if some other person got a hold of it? :sunglasses:


Long form birth certificates? What are those and are the regular birth certificates enough? Also - is it 2 or 3 months before the wedding date that you should get the documents? To notarize the single affadavit, do you just go to any lawyer?
I know these questions have probably already been asked - sorry - I’m just starting to get my stuff ready…


I sent them a copy of my birthcertificate from Ontario, they don’t come in long or short form. Just short form in Ontario, I believe all the other provinces have both long and short. I know in Quebec they do and the only one valide now is the long one.
We went to our notary for our legalization, you just have to make sure that she/he stamps with the raised seal.
Hope this info helps, as for when you get them done, we are getting married at the Melia and we were told no sooner then three months (90 days) before the wedding. Some of the other resorts have different times as far as I understand. I know that wedo won’t do them before 90 days.

Oh My!!! look at those birds!!! 3 weeks till we are married…that means only 16 days till we are leaving!!! YAHOOOOOOO!!! :smiley:


I asked Isabel from WEDO about the long and short form birth certificates. She stated that the short form (wallet sized ones) were fine. She did state this though IF PARENTS NAMES ARE NOT SHOWN ON THE BIRTH CERTIFICATES, PLEASE

INDICATE THEM SEPARATELY FOR US. I know the regular birth certificates don’t have parents names on them, so just send that in separate paper.

As for the timing Isabel stated the 90 day period, where we shouldn’t send anything if longer than 90 days before the wedding. I asked about the single status affividavit and she said that could be within 6 months. I think any public notary or lawyer can sign for it…


i have an ontario birth certificate. and yes you can get it in long form. i just ordered it last week and it cost 50 bucks. wedo doenst need the long form, but it depends on your hotel if you need long form. my resort, breezes puerto plata, must have long form, or the one with parents name on it!!! also the time limit depends on the resort, and your provicial / state laws. my resort doesn’t want anything longer then 60 days, and the notory here won’t sign anything older then 60 days. so i can’t do my docs till feb since iam getting mariied in april



When I ordered the long form from Ontario they sent me a copy of the certificate of live birth. I guess they got one recently, sorry for the mis-info.

Tan :frowning:


Yes - it does depend on the resort you’re staying at whether you need long or short form. I’m at the Bahia Principe PC and they asked for the long form in their conversations (emails) with me.

SOrry if that makes things worse for anyone. But, it only takes about 10 days to get in - sometimes sooner.


the long form is the live birth certificate, its the same thing



Okay - so i’ve just sent in all of my things through Canada Post ExpressPost. The lady at the post office said that it would take 3-5 days to get to texas (wedo) and that I have a tracking number, but that she couldn’t put insurance on it - so, i’m really really worried, have any of you used expresspost??? Help - really afraid


I used Expresspost also, everything turned out great. Don’t worry, all will be back to you sooner then you think. I was told they would receive it on a Wednesday and it was there by the Tuesday night and back in my hands by the Friday afternoon.
Tan ;D


Awesome, thanks Tan!