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Sensitive Question

First of all, I’d like to say hello!
I’ve been reading and enjoying the info on the forum. Thanks to all who participate.
I have a sensitive question. I will be traveling to the DR, and will arrive at Punta Cana for a romantic overdue honeymoon.
Will there be any problems in customs with having adult toys and movies? We are bringing our own portable DVD player and wondered if it would be ok to bring Adult movies? I don’t want to end up not being allowed to enter the country or something like that!
Thanks ahead of time for your help!

Your call, but your IP indicates you are posting from the US. Every bag goes through the x-ray at the airport and those toys might look a little strange on the monitor. Might be best to leave them at home for another day. As for the DVDs, put them in the case that a regular DVD came in.

If the toys don’t look like a gun , bring em. ;D

Thanks so much for your help. I am serious about this question and don’t want to invite problems.
They aren’t illegal are they?
I certainly don’t want to break any DR laws!

they are ok to bring,

and its a great question, where you will get adult replies,

with a tad bit of humour to keep the mood light

Hi! just to make you feel ok about this…lol, here is my story … ;D

several years ago we went to toronto airport…to board…as usual for our fav desination…DR!!.. well i parked my hubby (greg ) with our netbook…and went off shopping. a bit later returned to the place i left him…no greg. the woman that i had been talking to before i left hubby was still there…asked if she knew where my hubby went. WELL. she said i had been paged to the checkin desk?
so greg had gone. sooo. i start walking. I see a red faced very upset hubby walking towards me. waving his finger. not good. so i ask what is wrong. WELL…apparently something was buzzin in my suitcase…and they needed the combo as it was not a tsa lock…or they were going to have to cut the lock off. they asked greg if he had a shaver…um.no…if he knew why my suitcase was buzzing. um. no. SO while on the RADIO…LOUDLY…the girl at the desk gives my combo to the guy in luggage…who starts howling a minute later…tells her…OMG…tell that guy that his WIFE needs to take the batteries out of her FRIEND before packing…yup…everyone in line heard it. That is why NOW to all our travel companions…hubbys name is buzz jr. LOL.

soooo to answer your question. take it. we always do…JUST MAKE SURE THE BATTERIES ARE NOT IN IT.!!!

enjoy you two!!

Thanks so much for all of your advise. I really was nervous about it, but feel much better now. We are not experts at travel and really do appreciate all of your help.
Lynn, Your story is so funny! I know that made for a memorable trip and a story to tell for life!
Thanks to everyone who replied! I wasn’t sure what to expect when I asked this question, so I do appreciate all of your help. I am looking forward to checking out the forum as our trip is a few months away!
Rock On and Thanks!

I was wondering the same thing because my fiance and I will be getting married in June in dr. I am worried though that our bag will get searched in front of 30+ of our family and friends. Does anyone know of the likelihood of this occurring ?

cali704, I am not sure the likelihood of this happening. Just pack them in your checked luggage. Seems from everyone’s advise that putting them in a carry on isn’t the best idea.
I am stocking up on fun things to bring and going for it!
Thanks again for everyone’s information and advise!

Ya I think I plan on taking the risk

Got back from our trip last week. Had an amazing time and the toys and such were not an issue at all. Take what you wish and have alot of fun! Sitting in the Jacuzzi on our balcony watching the sunset was lots of fun with the addition of a few things in the luggage! :wink:

Read all the replies here, I’ve never tried bringing any kind of toys or dvds. But I sure got the information I needed. Thanks guys, it is a good thing that sandybeachgrl brought it up.