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Serious bicycle training from Veradero

Has anyone taken their bicycle to Veradero and gone out on regular training rides in the surrounding country side? I’m thinking of doing a trip in April to get some early season miles.

My plan is to ride 80-120km a day in the mornings. I’ve been to Veradero twice now. I know the traffic in Veradero and on the main ‘highway’ to Havana is pretty easy, given I’m used to hard core bicycle training in rush-hour Toronto.

But has anyone taken training rides east along the coast or south into the interior? Wondering about road conditions (all paved and all paved and connected), etc.

ANyone have any experience?


Hi Atomic,
no experience with the roads south of Varadero, but some with the roads south of Jibacoa…quite a few of the secondary roads consist of more potholes than actual pavement ::slight_smile:
I would imagine that may be the case in other areas also ???

Oh and watch out for livestock grazing on the sides of the roads… ;D

and don’t assume that the oncoming traffic will be on your left - they might be driving on your side to avoid the potholes on their side ::slight_smile: ;D ;D ;D