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Serrano and Cubita coffee prices?

Does anyone know the current cost of a 1000gram bag of ground Serrano or Cubita coffee? Preferably in CUC’s.

Last Feb we paid 14.45 CUC for Cubita beans. Since the prices don’t seem to change much, it’s probably still close to that amount. I don’t recall a difference in price between ground and beans. We get beans because we like to grind our own. We bought tins of Montecristo coffee for 12CUC @250g and Cohiba coffee (250g) for around 13CUCs.

The Cubita ‘Cafe en grano’ beans in Holguin Duty Free this Wednesday (January 15th) were 12.10 CUC for 1000 grams. They were the same price 9 months ago also.

Yesterday, a friend told me he had trouble finding beans in Havana in November. I’ve heard supplies go up and down so I have my fingers crossed they are “up” in February!

December 2013, Marea Del Portillo “Serrano” -CUC 14.45

[attachment id=“59” thumbnail=“1”][attachment id=“60” thumbnail=“1”]

I thought it would be nice to share some photos of the Serrano and Cubita!