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Share a funny moment, one that still makes you smile

One of the reasons we love to travel is we get moments that make us smile, tickle our funny bone and does not matter if it is a week or a year later just the thought makes us smile.

One happened to us a few years back and it wasn’t the fact it was funny, just how much quiet pleasure the staff took from the event. A wonderful diner had been made in an À la carte restaurant. The staff had made the place so nice, everything was just perfect. That alone made us smile. They had made a scrumptious Fish en Papillote. There had been one fellow that all week long was that know-it all kinda’ person ordering the staff around (probably saved loungers also) …it was difficult, for us to be around him because of his attitude… And he was a very vocal complainer. … I swear if the sun was out all day I think he would have complained it was to bright … Well (giggle) I guess he had never had fish cooked in paper before as he started to eat it paper and all… He complained about this tough and horrible fish so the whole restaurant could hear. One quiet fellow came up and showed him how to take the fish out of the bag… Yes it is a smile at his expense but I think in some ways it was a karmic kinda’ smile. The staff were all biting their lips that I could see but their eyes were smiling

I always smile everytime I remember the one time, at the Sol Cayo Largo “Repeater Dinner” at the Pool Restaurant, the Sol Azul.

It was very nicely planned and well attended by staff who were courteous, friendly but professional. Special Martinis were handed to guests, as they arrived to be then promptly escorted to their respective tables. The tomato based lobster soup was excellent, as was the whole meal, except for this one appetizer ~some kind of failed paella attempt~ rice pressed into a round shape, with some type of seafood ~> it looked awful & tasted worse. (puke)

Most of the portion on all the guests’ plates were barely touched. This one staff member Noel ~ who can be quite the clown, and has a keen sense of humour ~ kept going around, making a “face” x_x and asking people at the tables… “So! How is the rice?” !!! :stuck_out_tongue:

It was very funny and, after he had gone around almost all the tables, he had all the guests laughing, including all of the staff members! LOL! He handled the whole situation brilliantly, as everyone knew that the rice course was a “bomb”! :-X

Everyone was howling as the “pretty much full” plates were cleared away…

(rofl) (rofl) (rofl)

I also had a “repeaters’ dinner” experience. It was at Sol Cayo Santa Maria, which had a fairly new manager at the time. The dinner was held at the open air Creole restaurant, “Los Cocos”, which is right next to a path that runs through the resort. We had drinks in front of us and our main course was just about to be served when we heard it…the distinctive sound of the mosquito fogger, and it was coming fast in our direction. Before anyone really had a chance to react or seek cover, he whizzed by, totally enveloping everyone in fog! Not a lot of fun at the time, but hilarious to look back on. We did manage to “carry on” in spite of it, but I am sure the new manager must have had something to say to staff after that incident!

Okay, couldn’t resist seconds… first visit to Royal Hideaway (now Iberostar Ensenachos):

Placing my first room service order, along with a request for “champagne”. The man at the other end was very helpful, repeating my order… then, disappointingly said, “I am sorry, we cannot send you a bottle of champagne”… I was devastated, to say the least.  :’(

Then he continued, “We have to send you TWO bottles! One for the road, and one for the ditch!!!” LOL…!  :smiley:

The story continues… then while the two delivery guys are setting up the food (and two bottles of champagne) out on our balcony, one of them turns to my husband and says, “Do you remember me?” 

We’ve been five other times to Cuba, at the Paradisus Rio de Oro, and I innocently speak up, “Are you originally from Holguin?”  ::slight_smile:

He ignores me O_o and he turns to my husband with a wink and a smile… “You remember me? Last month, when you were here with your secretary?”  :wink:

:o ??? :-*

One memorable funny moment from Playa Costa Verde resort in Holguin. A young group of folks, 4 couples (early to mid twenties?) They were a “fun loving” but pretty well behaved bunch. Very socialble and excited to be on vacation with their girlfriends.
On the beach the guys would ‘elbow’ each other whenever a girl in a ‘thong’ walked by, especially if she was topless. They tried to be discreet but ‘failed at it miserably’ to the consternation of their girlfriends, who were getting a bit tired of the whole thing after a few days.
So the girls started looking at the ‘buff’ guys walking by.
A couple days later the whole group was lounging in the sun, the fellas got up and all 4 of them heading for the water when…with much ado…they stripped out of their board shorts and all had on gold thongs! as they ran and dived into the waves. The girls cracked up and it was all in good fun.
They sure kept us entertained…they even did a little routine up by the pool while wearing their ‘gold thongs’…very funny. An all round good bunch of kids and no one was offended.

One memory that makes me smile: I was at Brisas Sierra Mar and my two friends worked as the costumers; for a lark, they dressed me up like a drag queen - heavy makeup, fake eyelashes, my hair piled up on top of my head. The costumer was also the pianist in the lounge during the evenings, and he had a song about “there was a lady in red… she liked to do it on the bed” so I (with the help of some rum) put on a little show for the folks in the lobby and sang the song. It was fun to do but the best part was somebody decided to pass the hat and we ended up with a hatful of pesos (about a month’s salary for him). So I guess I can put on my resume “Cuban entertainer”. :wink:

so see you doing that

Playa Alameda 2009, our amigo Alexis was going a great job with our water workout. All of a sudden a hoard of people ran up to the water’s edge to take pictures. We were in pretty deep, and the waves were giving Alexis a hard time keeping his balance. We all thought wow, what a crowd cheering us on, but nooooo, they were more interested in catching the moment when Alexis would lose his trunks, which he almost did a few seconds after this shot was taken.

But true sport that he was, when the workout was over he turned to the photographers and bowed, much to the delight of us all. He then yelled at the Buddy in charge of the music… and proceeded to do a solo dance routine. Not the best of dancers, but he gave his all! :smiley:

[attachment id=“215” thumbnail=“1”] [attachment id=“216” thumbnail=“1”]

For you Canuks, of course. :o) Let me tell you about my birthday.

I was wigged out about turning 40 so my husband sed, “Hey, let’s go somewhere fun for your birthday, so it won’t be so bad!” And I sed, “You might just be on to something, old chap!” I thought maybe the resort we usually go to in Cozumel, but it’s a pain in the butt trying to get there in low season (my birthday is in September, before direct flights start up again) so I landed on Cuba. I managed a SMOKIN’ hot deal with Air Canada Vacations, to Breezes Varadero for something insane like $620/pp, no taxes. So off we went. It was amazing. We did the Havana tour on the 22nd, and were still sitting and enjoying Tropicana when the clock struck midnight: my 40th. It was a pretty epic way to celebrate a birthday. The following day, I was entertained by a couple of contests on the beach, one of which was a his n hers “best tan” or something like that. One man wore 4 different Speedos to strip off, but my husband actually won; the entertainment lady was nearly in tears she was laughing so hard at his white, white booty. Okay, so that was fun. When it came to be dinner time, my husband told me he had something special in mind. I asked if we were leaving the compound, and he said no…he led me to the gazebo (which I hadn’t even noticed before), which was decorated all pretty…he’d arranged it with the hotel. I was presented with pink roses, and we had two botles of wine (red and white), way too many courses (shrimp cocktail, soup, lobster, then beef) and our own personal waiter. When it came time for the cake, musicians suddenly showed up. They sang a romantic song and DH and I were expected to DANCE. Omg, we are the world’s absolute WORST dancers! And here we had the floor to ourselves, with live music, trying not to step on each others’ toes. I got the giggles, so I’m sure it looked like I was sobbing into his shoulder (I hope) and then HE got the giggles…ugh. THEN they sang Happy Birthday as the cake was presented…but they sang “Happy Birthday to you, dear CATHERINE” (my name is Christine) Hey, I figured that since they sang to the wrong woman, I got to stay 39 for another year. ;o)

It was the best birthday of my life, and it still makes me smile. It was so sweet of my husband to set it up (though I think it was a lady we hung out with all week that badgered him into it)

Some time ago,at a hotel we had a very droll waiter who always had a deadpan expression and his name was Ali. We said to him once that we had been for a walk by the sea wall and found a cage made out of plastic tubing half submerged in the water.
 “Was this were you keep the lobsters”,Ali
  Ali  "No that is were they put me when I have been naughty"
Another time we met a very happy Ali at breakfast.
 “Why Ali your smiling”
  Ali  “My turn for the soap today”.

One of the funniest times I had, was down in Varadero.

I was down in the lobby bar, and I went to get a drink… I was standing waiting at the bar, and got talking to the young guy beside me, who happened to be from Quebec. Just then I got a text from my brother, who was back here in Canada, watching the George St. Pierre UFC fight vs. BJ Penn.

So, I tell the man, GSP just won the first round… WELL!!! He just about flipped! “You have Updates on the Fight???” I said yeah, my brother is watching it.

He says: Come with me… So, I go back to his friends… About 5 couples from Quebec,

He tells his friends that I have updates on the fight. So, here I am reading the texts from my brother to the people gathered, and my new friend Pierre is translating it to French for those that didn’t speak English.

By the end of the fight, I had 3/4 of the lobby, gathered around my Blackberry! :slight_smile:
Everyone was laughing and cheering in French… I swear any time Anyone went to the bar, they brought me a drink too. It was a great time, and made a lot of new friends

Th3e look on the faces of those trying to figure out what was happening was Priceless!

I do love Cuban humour. One time at Caracol, Santa Lucia, my snorkel buddy’s husband was teasing one of the staff about the chairs set up for the night’s entertainment. He asked “Why are there more red chairs than blue?” The answer, straight back, “Well, we are a Communist country.”

Another time, a sailor friend of mine had brought a sandwich with him to work, to eat later. He carefully placed it deep down in his backpack and put some other items on top of it, to keep it safely hidden. As soon as he got in the sailboat and sailed away, one of his fellow sailors emerged from the nautical shack, pulled out the sandwich, took a big bite out of it, and replaced it. I wasn’t around to witness the outcome, but I am sure it must have been pretty funny. :wink: