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Hi Ladies,

Just wondering what is needed for shoes. Was considering taking runners along with sandals but are they really needed? Looking to stay under the weight restrictions!


Depends how comfy your sandals are, and what you intend to do on holiday.

Do you intend to do any off-resort walking or excursions? How would they hold up? Would they hurt your feet?

I always bring runners…



I wear them on the plane.
That way my feet are warm on the plane, the shoes don’t take up room/weight in my luggage, and you’ll have them in the DR if you need them.
As far as “needing” them … if you’re planning to stay at the resort the whole time (and don’t have any intentions of going for a morning run on the beach) … you won’t need them at all. But, if you do plan to go on any of the countryside excursions or city tours, they might be a good choice.


For a one week trip, if you are any where near the weight restrictions, then you have packed too many clothes. On our last trip, we were 11 kg under, and that included a bottle of wine. We had unused clean clothes when we returned home.


Sorry I should of mentioned that I will be staying at the Victoria for two weeks. Most probally have over packed though :slight_smile:


I have always worn my hiking boots on the way down and back as it is usually snow/rain at home when we go. Took a pair of thongs, small heeled dressy sandal and a very light pair of runners. Never used the runners. Hiking boots are very comfortable, good support and soles for doing a lot of walking (especially useful when we were in Cuba). Check the packing list on the forum. Also, suggest sticking to a few basic neutral colors so you can mix and match.


I usually wear my running shoes on the plane… For some reason I just don’t feel comfortable in my flip flops when flying! :-/ That way I have them with me in case I need them for any excursions but they are not in my luggage allowance.

P.S I always pack my flip flops in my hand luggage along with my swimsuit!


I wore one pair of runners, took flip flops and one pair of expensive red leather sandals. They dress up every outfit and make me feel good! You may consider navy sandals, but believe me a dark red goes with everything!


This is the only time that I’ve heard somebody echo my sentiment! I heartily believe that certain shades of red are a neutral. I always bring a pair of red sandals. They will add to or neutralize any outfit!



I too wear my sneakers on the plane and I too over pack every time. I have been going for years now and I have cut down, I now wear pretty much everything I bring. I always wear good solid shoes with socks on the plane because I saw an Oprah show once that said when you fly, you should be dressed to land anywhere. You should wear sturdy shoes, socks, long cotton pants and long sleeved shirt, so your legs and arms are protected, and no skirts or dresses because they will impede you if you have to deplane in a hurry.


I usually wear trainers on the plane, but this year, I’m wearing sandals and a gypsy skirt, I’m always freezing on the plane, but so hot, I’m ready to scream at immigration!

I have invested in a pair similar to these to go in my suitcase:

They’re as comfy as trainers, but a fraction of the weight… they were on offer in Cheshire Oaks outlet for £10! Bargain!


I too wear my sneakers on the plane and change into my sandals which are in my carryon. I’ve found that they come in handy depending on the tour that we go on. For a 2 week vacation I bring 3 pairs of dressy sandals and a pair of flip flops and water shoes in case there needed …all are very lightweight. What can I say I love my shoes! lol


lol caribeangirl, that’s nothing! On my last trip, I took 8 pairs of evening shoes, 5 pairs of flip flops, 1 pair of trainers, 1 pair of pool/beach shoes, and 1 pair of slippers!

go for it girl… you’re on holiday! Go mad with the shoes!


stressed …Wow … you’ve got me beat. Nothing like having comfy feet on vacation, …lol.


lol, go for it, take as many as you want! And, if you have no room left, spill over into DH’s or, in my case, mummy’s… say “If my case goes lost, at least I’ll have shoes”

I packed my brother’s case last year… when we got there, we found he didn’t have a lot packed! ::slight_smile:


I am exactly the same, I pack our cases and share the clothes + Shoes between the two that way if one case gets lost we still both have some clothes to wear!!! My other half always complains that I pack far too much, I take 14 bikini’s with me and at least 6-8 pairs of shoe!!! Need to cover all eventualities! casual shoes, comfy shoes, dress shoes, flip flops, sandles.

Tend to wear my trainers on the plane. Also wear light cotton trousers, small t-shirt and a lightweight jacket, as soon as I arrive the jacket is off and I am in holiday clothes!

Have a fab holiday


Did I read that right-14 bikini’s ???


1 for each day :smiley: I like your way of thinking!


That’s right! Variety is the spice of life!

I also have sarongs and skirts to go with each one!!! and Shoes! Never forget the shoes!

Typical girl really! :smiley:


FYI - shoeaholics and those shaking your heads in disbelief :wink:
Old Navy has sandles on sale, 2/$8. Not sure if it’s a week only thing the signs in the store didn’t have a date on them. I picked up a black and white pair Thurs.