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Shopping in Toronto

Hello fellow DR’s. My sister, daughter, myself and nieces always do a November shopping trip for the holiday shopping. We are in Ottawa and usually do the States. Well, with the dollar being so bad, and having to save for PC, we have decided to head TO way. We are coming down this weekend and staying in Vaughan. My daughter is 15 and nieces are in their 20’s. Any Must do’s while we are there shopping wise?? I know my daughter will want to hit Abercrombie and Hollister, as we don’t have them in our area…but other suggestions (addresses too- Have GPS) would be appreciated. Oh, and if you can ask the weather man to hold off on that white fluffy stuff that would be aweseome too!! Cathy ;D

I have a 14 year old daughter who also loves anything Hollister & has asked for the Hollister perfume, also in the Vaughan Mills mall there is a Loulou Lemon which is very popular with the teen girls & my daughter wants pants & hair bands from there. Hope this helps, have a great shopping trip, I did mine last weekend with a couple of friend in Kitchener.

Paul’s daughter loves the Eaton Centre in Toronto (Paul doesn’t like shopping at all). For the younger crowd, there’s H&M, Garage and Urban Environment.

We like the Dixie Outlet Mall, on Dixie Road at the QEW. Lots of good stuff, cheapy-cheapy. :smiley:


Since Vaughn Mills and Eaton Centre have been mentioned. There are also “outlet” type malls in the Weston rd & Hwy & area if they like that type of stuff.