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Should you go to BP Samana?


:slight_smile: The answer to this question is YES!!!
It is extremely beautiful, we are here right now at the resort and WOW. The views are amazing the rooms are top notch, with four poster beds with canopy, marble/granite bathrooms and flooring with jaccuzzi tub. Food is good with something for every taste, maybe not gourmet as in canada, but more than we expected from 4* resorts in domincan, cuba , etc… Staff are good with shortcomings in experience area, but their politeness and effort go along way to help make all ok. Drinks at all bars could be better, but they are improving and cervesa is good and cold. There is a fitness centre, but it needs more equipment only a few bikes and one eliptical machine. The young man helping in the centre is nice and helpful and he to agrees it too needs impovements. Anyway the beach awaits.
Have a good day
Geo and Shell


Geo and Shell,

Thanks for the positive insights. Will be there in just over three weeks and would appreciate the benefit of your experiences, as you go along. I sent an email to the resort last week however have not received a response. Have a wonderful vacation.

Ray & Marion ;D


Ray and Marion
It is a beautiful day here in Samana not a cloud in the sky 30C and you will have a fantastic time. We have spoke with other couples and they would agree with us, this is definately a 4* or better. We have now eaten at both gourmet and fish resturants and found both to be a real delight. Food was good , presentation was excellent and so was the service. We were able to choose wine from a wine list and fee is added to your room bill. In regards to your e-mail you probably wont get a response, but all you need to do is ask for what you want at the front desk and they will help Simon is fantastic and speaks english well.
Cayo Levantado can be done twice a day just ask the transat rep for the times.
Anyway the sun and sand awaits
Ciaou Shell and Geo


Sailsdept–Thank you for relieving our stress! We have been reading such mixed reviews about GP Samana. We are going March 11, so we hope things will be running more smooth. Tell us, do they charge to be shuttled to Cayo Levantado island? If so, what is the best price you can get? Did you hear who to book with for the horseback riding?
Thanks again for your input!


???Just when we get positive feedback on the resort, two new reviews were posted (one on Debbie’s, one on Trip Advisor) that are quite negative. Has anyone heard whether Transat is still offering rebates? Cant see why they wouldnt when the “Royal Golden” services remain just an illusion. Sun vacations and worrying are two things that should not go together! :-/


We got a full refund from Air Transat and I gave them top marks for their customer service in this regard. Now spending this holiday at Majestic Colonial in Punta Cana as a result…we really miss the whales as the imagined vision from the balcony would have been fantastic!


My wife and I spent a week at the start of Feb…It was great. This was our first all-inclusive holiday, so I have unfortunately nothing to compare it to. But we are definately going back next year for 2 weeks.


More later


We just got back from a week at GBP Samana and had a great time! The tales of woe are greatly exagerrated - or the resort and staff were able to change their ways the night before we arrived.

You’re going to a Spanish-speaking third world country for crying out loud!!! If you go in expecting it to be just like home, you will be disappointed. If you go in ready for a new experience you will have a great time. We did. I’ve posted daily reviews and some pictures from our trip on our blog at www.chrisandleah.com



Sounds like you had a great and busy trip.
Don’t ever listen to “those other guys” again … ::slight_smile: