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Shuttle to Bahia Principe

Well, we’ve decided to take the shuttle. Does anyone know if they check you in on the bus? The Bahia Principe in Punta Cana did our check-in on the bus before you arrived at the resort.

Do they serve drinks on the shuttle? Do they stop for a bathroom break? We tend to drink on the flight and at the airport (Maritimers you know) so bathroom breaks are much needed.


Wise choice chuck355, but I’m sorry to say you have to wait and check-in at the resort. Being a Cape Bretoner, I know exactly what you are saying about the drinks and washroom breaks :D. Most of the larger buses have a washroom on board, as well as a cooler up front to replenish your drained bladder ;D. The $150 you save, will buy a lot of $3US beer on the bus.
The check-in at the resort is quick and easy, especially when they give you the “welcome drinks” to get you started :D.
Sit back and enjoy…you’re on vacation, and don’t forget the ribs and burgers at the beach bar.

Jake, eh

Thanks for the Info Jake. I hate carrying a “pee” bottle with me. ;D

10 more sleeps.


Yo Chuck Just want to mention if it is a big bus ask the driver if they will have beer on the bus because the last time we went we assumed they had some and they did not. The standard thing is after you leave the airport they stop on the side of the road and take out the cooler and voila beer. The reason for the stop after you leave the airport is there is a bar at the airport just before you enter the bus and they felt the were loosing business because of the busses so now the busses are not allowed to sell from the bus unless they are off the airport property.
If you are in a small van just ask the driver to stop at a store to by beer. That is if others in the van don’t mind.

Thanks for the info. Just to be safe I’ll buy some at the airport and on the bus too.

Actually, I’ll have some at the Toronto airport, the Cancun Airport and the bus from Cancun to the hotel.

I don’t want to play favorites or have anyone feeling left out.


What a guy, you’re all heart chuck355…everyone gets a little bit, and then there’s “no problem”…woops wrong country, sorry Jamaica ;D.
You have nothing to worry about…big bus, little bus, either way, you will be offered cold beer…they know what “we” like ;).

Jake, eh