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Sidetrips and Safety


Just wondering if there are any tours to take out of Decameron Salinitis? Lots of good reports about the resort but not much about what else to do. And is the countryside safe to venture into?
We enjoy visiting offbeat locations and this country looks like it might take off in the next couple of years if it’s as good as the reviews make it out to be.

Thanks for your help.



There is number of trips
I meet a person on the beach who went to the resort in November and did not go back to Canada, he rent a house down the beach and was staying for the winter
He found it to be very safe in the area



I ran into a travel agent at the Decameron in Panama last week who was in El Salvador for a week the early part of January this year. She told me there are quite a few tours that you can take out of the Decameron Salinitis. She is considering getting a group going next year…for two weeks.



I wouldn’t think that the surrounding area could be any worse than Toronto’s Entertainment district on a hot summer night, and they don’t put a travel advisory out for Toronto, so i wouldn’t worry about El Sal. Remember, if you look like a victime, you’ll be one…!!


Thanks guys,

We’re headed down on Feb 22, can hardly wait. No matter how much we love it, we won’t likely be staying the winter. (great idea though, koz). We have been to Margarita Island and Cartagena and never had any problems off the resort. We will let you know how it works out.