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Signature Vacations to POP


Does anybody know if Signature Vacations going to POP uses their own planes or another carrier? Thanks for any info.

Do you know if you can prebook your seats?


It’s a Skyservice plane with the Signature logo on it. Yes, you can pre-book your seats - for a fee.


Thanks Bob, I actually found something on Signature website that mentions they they may use Skyservice, Westjet and Air Transat also, guess I’ll be calling the TA tonight to see if she knows which carrier they are using for our flight.


Actually, I made a bad assumption when I answered the question. I just automatically assumed Toronto, but looking at your post I see it’s east coast.
You should be able to determine the airline by looking at the flight number on your confirmation. If it says 5Gxxxx then it’s Skyservice. If it says TSxxxx then it’s Air Transat. I’m not sure how a WestJet flight might show up. Air Transat has been chartering a few of their planes, but whether it has an AT or West Jet number …


We are flying with WestJet and it appears as WS**** on my confirmation.


We booked via Signature and it was a Canjet flight; 5hrs down from Halifax and 4hrs 45m return due to flying the coast instead of over water last week


Our Flight is Sunday, Apr 8th, got confirmation we will be flying Skyservice out of Halifax, NS. We were able to pre-book our return seats (night flight). Not worried about the seats on the way down, day flight.