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Signing as witness

I just received this email from a close friend:

I have a question. Our eldest, Amanda, leaves next Sunday for the Dominican Republic. Friends of hers are getting married, and she was told that, because of the fact the maid of honour has same last name, she cannot sign as witness, so Amanda has to. AND, to do so, she must provide 2 copies of her passport and 2 copies of her drivers license to the company making the arrangements. Can you provide any insight for me?

I can see them wanting to see her passport and possibly taking a copy, but two copies? And the drivers licence as well.

I’m also pretty sure that any hotel employee or local could also sign as a witness. A hotel employee signed instead of me a few years ago.

We have not been told that by our wedding coordinator so far. I will ask her. I know that we were told that relatives could not be witness’. We were told that the resort could provide witness’ for us if we needed. I will try to get an answer for you about the passports.

When I was there for a wedding (Nov. 09)Carolina (wedding coordinator) and best man signed as witness, relatives cannot sign so that left our the brides maids (sisters)

Only immediate family cannot sign as a witness…so a cousin, neice etc is fine…

If your witness is someone who is “not” a Dominican you must have a photocopy of the front page of their passport…my daughter had to have this for her wedding 10 years ago and I was told that I need it for mine.

I think the thing that’s concerning my friend is that they are asking for two copies, plus two copies of their driver’s licence.

Bob, Hula is correct . I just heard from our wedding coordinator and our witness’ need a copy of their passport. She did not ask for two coppies or their driver’s licence at this point. I would think the two coppies may be just in case something happens to the first. It is funny how each resort is a bit different in how they handle this, but I guess that is typical for the DR.
Each resort does several weddings each week,if not each day, so I am sure it is comon practice and they have nothing to worry about. Look at the parts of the world you travel too that require you to leave your passoprt when you check into a hotel.
Iam sure they will be fine giving coppies of these.

Thanks guys. I gave my friends a link to this thread so they can see the answers. They don’t have the opportunity for travel to the DR, so they’re not forum members. But, they have been generous in their support for BTBCF despite never having been to the DR …