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Silly question: Will they stamp my passport

…if I ask them to? I’ll be arriving at VRA, and would LOVE a Cuban stamp in my passport. I was disappointed last time; I forget what they stamped (boarding pass??) but it sure wasn’t my passport. ???

I think they are sensitive to the fact some people do not want the stamp in their passport. I always ask for it…and … remarkably they always smile when I do ask them. I do thought (joking) want to take them some ink for their stamps…so often I can barely read it.

It looks like they are stamping passports on leaving Cuba now. Mine was stamped on leaving Holguin last week. The first time it has been stamped without me first asking.

They stamped mine leaving Manzanillo, and I understand other people have had stamps lately. Perhaps a new policy? Mine had never been stamped before.

Leaving Santiago on Monday night at 11:30, they stamped ours. I was surprised because like Canuks I’ve always had to ask. Who doesn’t want to know where and when you went. Not to mention as a Canadian it’s good to thumb my nose at US Customs! Remember when we didn’t need a passport to go across the border? Just kidding of course.

i think that there must have been some directive or other. It is too much of a coincidence that several of us have had our passports stamped on exiting Cuba recently when they never bothered before unless requested to do so.

Interesting! I just checked my passport and see that they stamped mine upon exiting. I always ask for mine to be stamped when we enter but never took notice before what they did when exiting. Going through my passport, this is indeed the first time that they stamped when exiting this past trip in Cayo Largo. Not that I really care, but it is interesting.

They stamped mine last time in Cayo Largo as well. Maybe we should be scared now to go to US as they might tell us that we do not support embargo because we like to spend time on the beach :slight_smile:

Uh-oh… will have to check my passport when I get home tonight… I’m so use to they not stamping passports I didn’t even look!

Hopefully on my next trip to HQ Uncle Sam is not going to frown upon me because I enjoyed Uncle Fidell’s cigars and his beautiful beaches…

That is strange that they get stamped on exit? I guess it gets stamped when you pay the $25 CUC to leave?

I always ask for an entry stamp, and the officer will stamp beside the entry stamp when I exit. I’ve never had to ask for an exit stamp.

Most countries stamp upon exit because it shows the date you left the country.

Zero issues at the US border with Cuban stamps in your passport. US CBP doesn’t care about foreign passports with Cuban stamps. In fact they don’t care about American ones anymore either because hundreds and hundreds upon thousands of them get Cuban stamps every year too.


desmei: You pay your exit fee and get the seal on your boarding pass. After we had done all that stuff we went outside to wait because the departure lounge is a lousy place to spend 2.5 hours. Then when you go through to Aduana and present your passport, that’s when the stamp happened. Normally, I ask as we come in; this is the first time I’ve seen it on done on departures without asking. I love seeing those lovely Cuba stamps (at least the ones I can read) in my passport. Sorta brings back memories.

Sund0g…that just gave me a brilliant idea! Check in at the airport, pay your 25CUC… go outside, grab a taxi back to the hotel and have a few drinks! That would be a great way to spent 2.5 hours!

As long as you get back to the airport before they move all the personnel to the Arrival side when the plane arrives.
They might make you stay, LOL